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Discover how you may Qualify to Travel & Vacation Like a VIP at Wholesale Rates & Save Money Or Even Travel FREE!  


The video below overviews a temporary opportunity available only to those with a dream and vision to Live Life on their terms. See, Do and Be More. The limited spots available for this offer will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Watch the video below immediately to see How You Can Qualify.

 Step 1: Watch the video below entirely and See yourself There, Don’t miss a single word!


If you have any questions email Julie Syl Kalungi at julie[at]juleskalpauli[dot]com or pop to Facebook and Chat Live

Hope you Enjoyed the Presentation and envisioning in your mind RIGHT NOW just how your Family could be the ones on vacation in that Or the video below… and MAKE a decision Today!


Step 2: After you complete the above video AND STILL feel You want to learn some more watch this video next… OTHERWISE move on to the Info Below & Step 3

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This club has Impacted the lives of members & the lives of the Underprivileged world wide esp. Children in Need! We give back and we love it. You can read More about that Here!


If you like what you’ve seen and heard in these videos and would love to vacation as the VIP you were Created to be to 5 Star Locations at Wholesale rates Or Even FREE! You are in the right place.

If you wish to take it a Step Further and Mastermind with 6-7 figure earners and build a life changing legacy; then Go on to step 3 and you’ll be taken to a short explanation of what you need to do next to qualify for this unique opportunity!


Step 3: When you’ve watched both videos above and are ready to reveal the next and final Step 4…Click Here…


If you’ve seen the videos and are really serious about taking advantage of this Lifestyle opportunity, you already travel, love to vacation & have seen the beauty of this. You want to give you/your loved ones The best and live Life Living; you can call or text Julie Syl here: +447858134865 or Skype: julie.kalungi1 OR connect on Facebook.


However, if calling, serious inquires only please.

Let us help you!


P.S. You may not be looking for something new right now, you may not be a travel fan, BUT you know 2-3 people who do. SHARE. Also you got here for a reason so if You do need some help. Please go ahead and Contact Us or send us a quick email via our contact us Page because we would love to connect with you to find out how we can help you grow your business! We all deserve to live the life of abundance!


 JULIE & PAULI Julie & Pauli Kalungi



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