The Power of One in Sales & Marketing

The Power of One – Do You believe That One Person Can Change Your Life? Here is How to Leverage A Subscriber or Customer!


Have you read The Book “The Power Of One” by Bryce Courtney, if not Get it from Amazon You won’t be able to put it down, we highly recommend it and today’s post is all about this wonderful statement the power of one!

We have a system that lets us know who is our best subscriber or Customer; it’s all about The Power Of One person or entity. You see it all starts with one. Others call this person the First Follower. If you are a small business owner or a Home business owner, and you have been doing your homework well, you do have that subscriber or customer. A subscriber, down-line, team member, business builder etc. who has had such a wonderful experience in doing business with you they spread the great news & rave to others about you and their experience as your customer or partner. This one person or organisation has the power to create a never ending flow of customers your way if handled right. We did talk about customer retention a couple of weeks ago. Today we are talking about The Power of One!


Well whatever it is that is making this customer/organisation happy you as a business owner and entrepreneur must pinpoint it and leverage it. You must find a way to capitalize on and used it to promote & market your business. Communicate, in our last post we tackled this topic.

We also shared what one of our happy and satisfied subscribers shared about Julie. What we are trying to share with you today is; take note of what your subscribers, customers, clients, down-lines, team members, students, staff etc. say about You. For it is much more powerful and important for your business growth than what you say about you! You see it usually takes ONE little seed to Bring forth life, a Great Big Fruit giving Shed bearing Tree…think about that for your business! 

The Power of One Little seed To bring Forth Life!

The first thing you Must absolutely do is to find & locate that subscriber/customer. The power of one in other words. Make a closer connection with them if they are open to it! And suggest a Joint Venture (JV) where they can be your spokesperson. If you can do, go ahead & create a project around them.   Then show case that project & promote it along with them all over social media, your local news or media even Television if your budget allows for that! In our Team, when We enrol a new Team member, We make them feel like they are our First…How? By Being available for ghem in the first 30 days. Whether in person or online, Skype, Phone etc to Hold their hand, Present with them, 3-way, hold product parties, edify, encourage them to dig into the comprehensive Team training and Keep that enthusiasm and initial excitement as high as possible and also get them to make a ROI and teach their new team members the same! Remember keeoing the ONE or 1000 round the camp fire in then first 21-30 days is essential for team retention and keeping that quitting threshold away or as low as possible!  See It starts with One!

Lets look at some real life examples…I am a typical customer if I visit a Restaurant or Hotel and I get horrible service I scream about it to everyone and anyone…in other words I tell the proverbial 20 people…! Yet in years gone by, before I was better trained, if I had great service I went away and didn’t spread the great news as far or wide…Its is like I felt it was my right, which it’s supposed to be. But Why don’t  people usually shout out loud, and rave when they receive a great service.

My aunt who works in the Hospitality, always said that they say “an unhappy customer tells 7 people but a happy one only tells 2”.

Therefore, its absolutely essential that we spread the news of a great service, a good blog, if someone does you a good deed, share great value freely. Be a Happy Client you will attract and Get other happy clients too. Get written testimonials and references. It is a powerful way to overcome the odds and leverage those kudos to greater sales & business growth.

Believe it or not it always starts with one thus the saying the power of one! Last year I answered some Qns posted on MyblogU by an Online Careerist & Media Consultant Angela Alcorn and the answers given were put together in a blog that was published this week…Months later…Wow! Check that blog out HereDo drop a comment on that blog will you, its in giving that we receive.   So one kind act can also bear great results, see the power of one keeps bearing forth in many weird and wonderful ways! You see everything & everyone starts with 1 whether a step, a decision a customer a sale….No one wakes up and gets thousands or millions of customers from day one. So instead of thinking of all the many optins you need to grow your business, focus on HELPING SOMEONE TODAY, You will attract The CUSTOMERS or DOWN-LINES One at a Time. Give Them every support You Can so They Too are happy & Grow, and Your Business will Grow. Its all about focusing on ONE!

Let’s have a drink to NO Unhappy customers/subscribers!


If you live in UK you must literally anticipate the Coca-cola Santa Christmas commercials that seem to come one even more flamboyant every year. Years ago “Subway” did this very successfully when they run the Jared Fogle (The Subway Guy) commercials for more than 5 years. This one man’s story was found to be so influential it resulted in an increase in sales for Subway.

Find your Jared Fogle… and run with them. Lock arms and grow together. After all the saying is true “even the expert you see, started as a novice” In network Marketing its absolutey essential to learn the The power of One.

To understand The Power Of One check Out the Video below!

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Anyone can and should hit a home run if they Allow themselves and focus on all the great things they can do to help as many people change their lives for the better. If we focus on helping others, we too will live our dreams! If we purpose to deliver super awesome service and have our clients/customers experience extraordinary results, we’d be way ahead in our game.

Think of all the benefits that will flow to you, your work, your business and your clients as you pursue a goal like this…the enormous positive side results. Even one well-satisfied customer is capable of influencing others and can swing more people to your business. Thus you get a large number of new clients and that is much cheaper than “buying” them through solo ads, FB ads, media blitz etc.

Seth Godin award winning author takes it one step further and says Commit to Doing a Single marketing item, a positive action per day. Read his article here. And just from left center because we know this will impact someone, we think you could learn something from this blog too! If you are visual you can watch the Power Of One Movie cover of above book Here. (It’s a 2hrs long movie just so you know)

And who knows, maybe you too will hit a homerun. You could find that subscriber who then becomes a Centre of Influence; we call them Business Builders in network marketing. You see it’s our Job to positively impact numerous lives one person at a time. And whether we believe it or not, we can only do all this One day at a Time! And as Zig Ziglar said If you Help enough people get what they want You too can achieve what you want!

If you have found value in this article, like and share. And Comment below on How you leverage the power of one. Or How you will you use this as a strategy for building your business! 

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