Sell affiliate Products on Pinterest in 7 Easy and Effective Steps + Bonus!

Affiliate Marketing- How to Sell Affiliate Products on Pinterest in 7 Effective Steps!

Do you use Pinterest to generate affiliate revenue? Discover my 7 Easy and Powerful Steps to Sell Affiliate Products on Pinterest #affiliatemarketingtips


Tired of seeing other Affiliate marketers show off their receipts and you got cobwebs in your store? Have you run out of people to share your product or business? Do you wish to Sell affiliate Products on Pinterest

Drum roll please, because….

I’m going to show you how to make affiliate sales on Pinterest. One of my favorite platforms to attract targeted traffic and find prospects that already have an interest in your affiliate product, service or opportunity. This will save you time so you get better results faster!


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This post is a follow on of our Post when I alerted you of the return of affiliate Links on Pinterest way back in the Summer. You can read it here, it has a Killer video on how to Leverage Group Boards.

Having a funnel FULL of qualified prospects to share your offers, tools and resources with is really important to your business longevity and success!

Yet, MAKING Actual sales is the end Result we all aim for

We’ve been in the Affiliate and Network Marketing industry since 2012 and have used a lot of different Social Media strategies to bring in new sales and custom inside our business.

The whole process hinges on Knowledge and Communication…

It’s essential to Know Why you are doing what you are doing on Pinterest. Like any other platform, but more so to know What Your potential customer, desires, wants or needs.

It’s essential to Know Why you are doing what you are doing on Pinterest #pinteresttips… Click To Tweet

This is important in attracting affiliate sales, For example:

What are the benefits of your service, product, or opportunity? Maybe you help people have healthier guts, or skin. They could save time by using your service, might you save people money, Live more fulfilling lives, travel more etc.

Action Step: Take a 2 minutes, write down the top 3 benefits of your affiliate product, service, or opportunity.

Watch the Video for more Details on how to make affiliate sales and residual income on Pinterest!




How to Sell Affiliate Products on Pinterest, Video Walk Through:





Did you get the value in above video? We love #3. If you missed it, go back and watch that video. 🙂

While affiliate sales sound awesome, its important to delegate and outsource anything and everything that you can to automate your systems. This will free you to do more Income Producing activities or More of what you love to do! 🙂

So I recommend that you leverage tools like Tailwind to help you trickle out your affiliate pins so you don’t look spammy. Its so amateur to have 15+ affiliate links/pins show up in a row on one board or your Smart feed! Popping up in our Follower’s Notifications! 

Imagine how with a few clicks you will be able to schedule your different Pin images with your affiliate offers, multiple times thus hitting various boards and New Followers over and over a period of time. You will not appear spammy either! Super cool!

Save time and Hit several birds with one stone. like posting a pin to 20+ boards, below is how….

Super Tip: Test out the “Board Lists” Tailwind feature to schedule your blog posts and affiliate offer pins out to multiple boards in one go!  






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