Dealing with Periscope Trolls effectively! #stopthetrolls

Periscope Trolls – They are ugly inside and outside, and they are cowards. Here are 5 Tips to Effectively Stop them!


Periscope Trolls About, Be Warned and Alert! #twittermarketing

Sheesh, we have kept shtum about Periscope Trolls for the longest. Biting the British upper-lip so to speak. But the silence has got to be broken today!

And No, I’m not talking about those fabled ugly green monsters hiding under a bridge waiting to jump you. Neither am I talking about the lovable Shrek-like creatures! Nope


I’m not talking about those fabled ugly green monsters hiding under a bridge waiting to jump you!… Click To Tweet



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These periscope trolls are human creatures akin to the ugly green monsters and with similar intent…to disrupt and cause you headache on your live Periscope broadcast, aptly named the Periscope trolls! 

No one likes to be stalked on or offline. At least no one we know and yet there are some sad people online that feel its their job in their sad sick lives to stalk others online and be nasty as heck! Others simply follow you everywhere. I mean Periscope trolls who then follow you to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc!

Are you a scoper? Then you definitely want to check out our post on How to Rock Periscope for Lead generation and Grow your following and bank balance!

Back to the subject at hand…

These periscope trolls in our opinion really expose the ugly underbelly of the internet. This topic does underscore the power of social media on an entrepreneur’s life. It also explains why we take steps to tighten up security on our site. So if you left a comment on our blog posts and you cant find it, then chances are our super powerful site police blocked you. And unless we are close, we will never know. Yes we had got to a point where periscope trolls were actually visiting our site and leaving nasty comments. Fortunately all were caught before they went public and blocked!  

So have you faced Periscope trolls or even blog trolls…Yes they do exist, they’re called spammers! Then you can relate… 

I used to scope 6 days a week…I really enjoyed the live sharing of tips. You can find my scope replays on  I would re-purpose the scopes into podcasts and even transcribe them into blog posts!

Then a series of things happened that made me stop in my tracks and literally decide to scope once a week. I didn’t want to stop scoping completely, but I must admit I was upset a lot. If you did catch my first post about Periscope Vs Blab, I did say periscope trolls are preventing lots of awesome content creators leveraging that live-streaming resource. Twitter needs to wake up and fix this!

One of these events was an attack of periscope trolls so bad it was impossible to scope on that particular day without getting an army of trolls attacking you, abusing you and being very crude. The security of scopers online should be an essential part of a social platform and Women Scopers are specially targeted. I decided to use more for future live-stream events. This has reinforced my preference for blab and yes you can follow me on for future awesome live chats on serious topics that will help you build your organisation to a whole new level!  


Christopher Elliot a social justice influencer did write a post about the effects of social media and twitter having a secret about  you! We summised he had an attack of nasty web trolls or commenters. he very effectively dealt with them. Is it true that by agreeing to live-stream via the Twitter app we attract, are scrutinised and invaded by periscope trolls as part of the package? My answer is NO it shouldn’t be the case…Yet twitter lets it go on…

Please don’t shoot the messenger …

To be honest I am blessed, that I haven’t been faced with lots of Periscope trolls over the last 4 months and I have since learnt that it was a bug on Periscope that caused a replication of the attack…doesn’t make it better for the victims does it? Most of the participants on my Scopes are hungry for information. So they are mostly well-behaved, reasonable and polite. But every so often some periscope trolls do invite themselves to the party, and they can be extremely disruptive and scary for new, women or vulnerable broadcasters aka scopers! 

Most of the time their attacks are vulgar, sometimes violent, spammy and sexually harassing comments. These miscreants are not who you want to expose your audience to.

Imagine if someone came into your open house event, in your home…Someone whose intentions are mean and evil. They start telling you to; “show them your boobs” call you a nigger, liar, idiot, etc. all kinds of nasty names! You ask them to behave, leave or mind their manners and other guests. They refuse to leave and they carry on like you didn’t say nothing!  Many scopers ask these periscope trolls to mind their language and manners but they simply have none to be honest. They take the freedom of “free speech” to a whole new level, while enjoying your goodies in your own house…! They use language and such vulgar words like:  

✓ You’re a nigger

✓ You’re a moron.

✓ Show us your boobs

✓ Let em puppies out…

✓ You are a stupid idiot

✓ Shut your face

And some things I cant even repeat on our website, lets keep it clean! 

They take the freedom of “free speech” to a whole new level! #periscopetrolls Click To Tweet


By the way these people are the typical school bullies and cowards!


Demolish Periscope Trolls

So here is how to Demolish Periscope Trolls:

We know by now that Twitter sucks at dealing with periscope trolls. They  know about these excuses for humans and do little about it so my friend its up to you to take measures to protect your self and your audience. 

Show Periscope trolls the door by immediately blocking them period! I believe using is a great way to enjoy troll free scopes. But that means someone already live-streamed the scope and sorted these online pervs for your pleasure. So what does one do on a Live scope?

Set your Ground Rules:

Before you start your scope or broadcasts on periscope, lay out the ground rules! Usually Periscope trolls like to bully people who seem to lack self confidence. So you could state that unless strictly necessary you wont be responding to live comments, rather you will respond to questions at the end as a lil Q & A session. But listeners can follow you, follow each other, share the scope, invite followers, tap away and give you lotsa heart loving and interact with each other…this can sort out lil silly lone trolls. 


Educate them: 

For nasty lone periscope trolls, let them know you are a not moved by them at all and will give as good as you get. You have no time for their crap…and that you will block them. If they wish to learn from you, fine, if not they best leave.  Some of these people think that’s the way to behave on periscope so educate them. Wouldn’t that be  a wonderful coup for the integral Periscope users, to turn a troll into a good cyber citizen…We can try huh! If they don’t stop & wont leave, simply follow the block sequence below.



Block the Nasty Periscope Trolls. Its not a right to attend your scopes, Its a Privilege! #stopperiscopetrolls #knowyourworth



Talking of Education, Because I have been scoping daily for 3 months strait. I have generated a good number of leads. I encourage you to Grab my Periscope Secrets Here Now! These will help you generate leads and Make sales Via Periscope! If Periscope can work for me, it can work for any body!



Block Nasty Scope Audience Members!

If you find that someone is being rude on your live broadcast, simply block the bastard! Click on their name/profile and click on block. It literally takes less than a second. But if you get an army of periscope trolls this can be a total distraction and be distressing. In the same way you can follow a user who is not only complimentary but adding value to your scope. 

This is pretty effective for sorting solitary or sporadic trolls and I highly recommend doing this if they drop in during your live-stream.

This is pretty effective for sorting solitary or sporadic trolls! #dealwithtrolls Click To Tweet



To Stop Periscope Trolls Create Private Broadcasts:

I do this for private training and invite only those concerned. Its great for creating vlogs, for re-purposing as podcasts and have another copy saved outside of YouTube. So If you need to shoot a broadcast intended for a specific group of people, e.g. coaching clients; this is your solution to periscope trolls. Set up a private broadcast. To set up a private broadcast on Periscope, simply before you start your broadcast, click the “lock” icon located between the location icon and the chat icon. And you will see a screen as below


Periscope Trolls – How to Demolish them! #periscopemarketing

You can choose from the list of your followers who you wish to notify of your scope. Note that your broadcast won’t show up in the public watch list and only the followers you select will see it.



Stop Periscope Trolls: Broadcast on Follow Only Mode: 

By enabling the follow only mode available in your settings you will reduce the troll problem to minimal. If you don’t follow many people your scopes could be lonely with this solution…but then again look at this like a YouTube Video and get on with it, I did for over 3 months! Only users that you follow will actually be able to comment in your live-stream. Web viewers and others can still join your live-stream and can even tap away and give you hearts, but they won’t be able to chat and abuse you if they are periscope trolls. Unless you inadvertently follow them, then they can invite their followers aka fellow trolls. You can stop this by blocking and un-follow. 

To turn on the follow only mode setting, click the camera icon to start your broadcast and you’ll see the toggle to turn chat on for “everybody” or “only users you follow” as below!

Demolish Periscope trolls - Use The Follow Only mode! #twittertrolls


Well good news and thanks to all my loyal scope followers who’ve given me over 132k hearts thus far, and have sent me messages asking why I am not scoping daily anymore! I am back ONCE A WEEK may be twice tops. With tangible juicy morsels that you can implement immediately, or Inspirational messages to help you get through the day. Some days are harder than others so a lil help from @Syl_julekalungi may be just what the doctor ordered for you.

So if you don’t follow me yet, absolutely do so right now, you don’t lose anything, yet could gain a whole lot. And lets show these periscope trolls what we are made of….

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Like I said before, last month we implemented a few website tweaks and added a power plugin to help us keep the web trolls out the door, yes could be akin to censorship…but its all about keeping it clean for our audience!  We also took steps to ensure they would not return.

And to quote Elliot we do make an effort for our awesome readers who support us with kind, constructive and awesome words of encouragement and appreciation, yet 

“Commenting on this site is a privilege, not a right.”


Commenting on anyone's article is a privilege, not a right. #blogcommenting #backlinking Click To Tweet

Lots of New Periscope audience members if they see nasty, awful language on a scope, take tail and run never to be seen on your awesome broadcasts again. See most consumers wouldn’t want to be exposed to the vulgarity or ridicule dished out by Periscope trolls.

Periscope can be a powerful tool where we help people and attract consumers who may have nowhere to turn and thus desperately need our help. So if its constructive criticism, then by all means one has a right to express it, of course. But just not periscope trolls and definitely not on our broadcasts and definitely not on our website. 


Enough on twitter trolls, I love to always end on a Positive note.

Something to have fun with on Periscope, Twitter has created some cool hashtags to use on scopes that create a visual image when someone heart bombs you!

#‎christmas = trees
‪#‎winter = snowflakes
#2016 = 2016 pics
#‎Hanukkah = dreidels
‪#‎birthday = balloons

They can all be used on one scope and you watch the fun esp. if it’s attended by active heart givers; or used on their own, enjoy  

And…in this season of giving allow me to say no good deed goes unrewarded. So I wish you all an amazing Christmas and a wonderful New Year and I would love to end our posts this year with this old scouse or is it a Brit ditty on giving (sorry my vegetarian & vegan friends):


Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.

Please put a penny in the old man’s hat

If you haven’t got a penny a halfpenny will do

If you haven’t got a halfpenny, God bless you! 



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You know you deserve more

Live. Learn.Love

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