Have a Perfect Online Marketing Day 2015

Who Else Wants To have a “Perfect Day” in Online Marketing? You will have an extremely productive day If you Follow a “To Do” List!


Well today is a Perfect day for me to share something deeply personal with you yet what has if got to do with Online Marketing? Well…a New year a New week, and its time for us to get Producing…so dig in !

Every single evening I write out a To Do list for the next day. Some people may think I’m highly organized…right! Well let me tell you but keep this Shusssshhh. 🙂 Between you and me, I can get distracted by just about anything, could be sponge bob square pants on cable. My goodness, are you like me, by gosh whatever distracts me does it real good to get me down a rabbit hole, it doesn’t even have to be bright and shiny…!

Yet here is the deal, in order to succeed in online marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing etc, we must absolutely FOCUS and SINGLE TASK. Yes Multi Tasking will kill your braincells and your business…am not sure where I read that lol…Okay I’m joking, I do know exactly where, but you get the picture! You can’t possibly be going thru your emails and listening to a webinar…You will miss out on the webinar visuals and possibly the important nuggets you might have got to progress your home business! I am not going to delve into How to effectively Use a To Do List, that has been dealt with by other experts but go ahead and check out the article in the link above and Get Structuring your day better. In fact Brendan Burchard goes ahead to share with us How Millionaires Schedule Their Day & shares one of his daily Action sheets to help us get our To Do List Mojo on. Watch video below to see what he offers to help your online marketing:

Personally I use Evernote  to schedule & sort out my day-to-day items together with IFTTT ( I wrote an article on this) for my weekly To Do List. If you aren’t using these two resources yet, Get going today!

Anyway, I reckon I have a bit of OCD…plus, I love the rush of seeing everything on my To do list checked off and done. I believe and so do multiple 7 figure earners like Mark Accetta, that Laser Focus will absolutely improve your online marketing. Check marks make me happy, they literally make me a perfect day in my online marketing agenda and strategy. Crossing stuff off? Pure Bliss, Ecstatic….am I weird? Maybe but don’t mind me, simply implement & accomplish a strict agenda to GET DONE at Least 3 items DAILY if you are full time and 1 item if part time in your online marketing activities.

So getting back to the story…for a long time now, any day that I got everything marked off my list, I would tell Pauli all about it in the evening, with a huge smile I announced that I’d had “A Perfect Day” in our online marketing projects. (This I would say with all the fanfare of a footballer who’d kicked the ball straight into the goal Or a pitcher who’d thrown a no-hitter or a Cricketer who’d scored a home run… or is that a basketballer!)..you get the gist right!

A To do List can indeed create for you a perfect day online and if you use one thats set for your pace and gets you out of your comfort zone that is pure magic! I “Eat my Frog” first thing every Morning before or when I sit down at my work station in my home office! And I believe nothing can go any worse as I have done the hardest thing first, for my online marketing and day to progress! So of course, when anything throws me off of my game, I kinda tend to lose my mind. Undone items on my list make me just a tad crazy (and not in a good way.)

That is, until I sit down with Paul sometimes just before we get to bed. One day as I am talking to Pauli, he said; You are too hard on yourself, do you know you have a”Perfect day” every day, in online marketing & otherwise? I said why is that? And he says;

– My love you get to have a lie-in when you want to, do you know how many times  wish I could just stay in like you do?
– No rush hour traffic for you, boy that motorway traffic sometimes kills,
– You get to be there for us all, our children, friends family & I love that about your work,

– You Get to Treat your family & friends, treasure that my love its priceless,

– You’re there for the parish because you have the Time, you are banking blessings!
–  You determine your Pay check, days off, vacations!
– Heck You ARE the BOSS and you really are making money in Online Marketing! Many don’t make a sou, do you see just how blessed we are? So what if you don’t complete a thing or two…!

He then looked me strait in the eye and said! My dear Syl, because of our Home Businesses in Online Marketing, You set your working hours and what you Can Get done. So if you are getting many “unfinished” days, you need to adjust your “To Do List” items so you can Be happier with You! Its a short sprint & then a jog daily for your marathon, run your Own race! Heck You need to celebrate the things you have accomplished. Many people don’t even have half of what we have. Most children have a mom who works all hours, You used to! Would You go back to that…! A lil shame faced i replied,  I honestly couldn’t imagine doing that again ever…!

So, he said; Why don’t we have a weekly review, to celebrate your Achievements?

That’s how we came about our “Week in Review” exercise and I cant Recommend it enough. As a home based business owner you must take stock and review your activities every week. You can do that with your partner, upline, mentor, friend…! Go ahead and give yourself a treat for achieving i.e. doing what you set out to do in the week before! And purpose to get what wasn’t done the next week ASAP, you will start to See amazing results! Talking about all the highs and the lows over the past week.

So back on track… Paul said gently…you know you had a perfect Week not only in online marketing but as a mom, friend, wife, leader…. And here is why

“Well, when Gloria stopped by to talk about her new job and to learn how to use aweber (another amazing online marketing & email tool) that was definitely a highlight. Our Trip to Rome, sudden, a dreamtrip, unplanned great fun courtesy of our travel dollars benefits. And that night Arvie and you Skyped for fifty minutes! Since she had her operation that week and couldn’t walk for a while, that was a gift, a total blessing. Oh, and our impromptu dinner at Red Hot! Loved it.”… He went on to ask, … were these on your To Do List And do you think they are important?

Celebrating our daughter and her GCSEs, a friend’s New Job, laughing and loving with a friend who was about to go in for major surgery, and flirting with my husband over strawberries and cream & Pilau Marsala. Not on the list. Not even planned. Precious. Each and every one. Its not all about online marketing is it…

So what’s a girl to do, to have a more structured day in Online Marketing? Throw away the list?

No – the list focuses us to accomplish everything that we have purposed our Day in our online marketing agenda. But my list? It needed some room. Room for when life shows up in an interrupting kinda way. We all should have room. Because if we are truly seeking to enjoy our lives as Marketers, as Home business owners as leaders, as team builders AND dare I say live God’s will, those interruptions to our lists such as the above are oft times Life’s most important tasks for our day. They can only enhance our online marketing experience and lives in general.

Is there such thing as a “Perfect Day” in Online Marketing?

My answer is, You can make it a perfect day every day, if you so choose! My Message for today is, Focus on Manageable Tasks daily, leave room for life to happen and embrace the gifts that drop in between your list. Go attend that softball, soccer, basketball game, that music recital, coffee with a friend, a walk in the park with your child. Go out and have a meal, Attend a concert, Sit and watch a movie every so often. Yes Sacrifices must be made. But we also Must Live our Lives Today.

Be all you can Be, I believe in You

Connect & share on Google+, Facebook & Twitter if this post got your juices flowing, and please do comment below if you like or ….not and why! Happy New Year 2015 its Your Year. Yes You, because Time and Opportunity happen to us all even the good book says so!

A perfect day in Online MarketingJulie Syl Kalungi

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