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We Create and Curate TARGETED Content and Post it for you, saving you TIME, MONEY, STRESS.

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JOY - RECIPES FOR ABUNDANCE Co-Author Julie Sylvia Kalungi

YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR AIM - Social Media Management with Soul

We help savvy business owners, BOTH established and SMEs to Attract a fan base, Generate leads and ultimately Achieve desired end Goals with Social Media content that hits the right numbers for you.

You Never Have to worry about WHAT to post WHEN, we got you covered

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We Help Your Business GROW Online with a Creative Approach to Effective Results. You know how important social media is to your brand growth but it truly isn’t your forte, nor do you wish to spend hours on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest. Heck, you only want to focus on what YOU are supremely qualified to do to serve your clients.

Our creative team helps your Business get Seen, Found, Heard. Higher visibility online by Managing your social media presence: sharing stunning value content, designed just for you. We can also Design and refresh your Brand via an Optimized website, Personal branding and digital advertising.

The K-Web Social team will become an essential extension of your internal marketing team. We will advise on how to maximize your content and Ads dollar to achieve the best possible results. This is what we could do for you:

Power Social Media Strategy

Strategic Campaign Development

Social Media Management

Visuals and Graphics Creation

Content and Material Development and marketing

Connecting with Potential Partners

Digital Ads Management

Digital Marketing

Direct Mail Campaigns  

Find Out More Below

Expert Research & Strategy

Obviously your aim is to Build an audience that LOVES and Buys your offers as well as Shares and promotes them. 

We will do your Research, Social listening and Community engagement so you get the Best Plan for your Business. 

You can send us your images, logos, Ideas, fonts, expert views and we get to work creating Beautiful and Value content & Images for your Brand.

Content Creation & Curation

You can trail blaze and Lead the way with The Content we Will create/curate on your behalf. The content will reflect your brand Voice and Ethos. 

Once we recieve your order we will create the first 10 posts and submit them to you for approval.

You can be and are in control of what and how much of your brand your Audience gets to see. 

Implementation & Tracking

We leverage a combination of viral & trending content, as well as relational building and social engaging techniques that attract more followers…

Every order includes Scheduling Software that allows us to Track how well your campaigns work. 

Helping you in the journey to converting Leads into buyers and/or business partners. We track our Efforts on your behalf so that...

Rinse & Repeat Gameplan

We can spot what works in or outside the strategy, and ride the trend of success for your Benefit.

We will Promote your events and offers, and keep tweaking your campaigns for the best benefits for your Business. 

This is a Long term game, yet it does have some short term gains too. The test is in testing, tracking, and consistently Educating, Entertaining and Empowering your audience.

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How Does K-Web Social Media Management Benefit Your Business? 

Free’s your Time so you Increase Your Productivity– to focus on the MOST important task that will grow your business.  

Stress Reduction – it can be overwhelming and lead to Wrong decisions if you are the boss-wearing-Lotsa-hats: Admin, Web Designer and Maintenance guy, PA, social media manager, Ads manager, promoter, accountant, all at once…  

Delegating some of these tasks will REDUCE the stresses of trying to wear all the hats and save you from overwhelm which leads to procrastination.  

Saves You Time and Money – Hire a Social media Manager to save you time and money. You will have more time to work on what really matters, business growth and development, and the cost of hiring an employee (e.g., worker’s compensation, sick days, leave Pay, payroll taxes, etc.) 

Out Sourcing to the right organisation, will save you time and money. Period.

Our creative team helps your Business get found, Higher visibility online by Managing your social media presence: sharing value beautiful content, designing Optimized websites, Personal branding and digital advertising.  

Social Media Management Services & Pricing

All Prices are Monthly You can cancel any time



For You, if you are overwhelmed by & looking to delegate the everyday tasks of social media so that you can focus on building your brand/business.  

  • 2 Social platforms
  • Social Media Audit &Strategy
  • Set up/Optimization 
  • 21 Posts per month 
  • Handpicked curated content 
  • Content Calendar 
  • Regular Promotion of your offers 
  • Planning Call (30 mins If Needed)  
  • Progress Reports  

 Upgrade anytime  

Share your needs with us HERE OR CLICK ON BUTTON TO Choose this Package. 



For You, if you are focused on growing your Main/Best Social Media platforms and Build an engaged community of Fans, Followers and Buyers.  

  • Up to 3 Social platforms 
  • Social Media Audit & Strategy 
  • Set up and/Or Optimization 
  • 3-5 Posts per week on each 
  • Regular promotion of products
  • Weekly Custom Graphics 
  • Handpicked, curated Content 
  • Competitor Research 
  • Monthly Planning Call (30 Mins)
  • Community engagement – (Responding to comments) 
  • Progress Reports

Upgrade Or Drop down anytime

Share your needs with us HERE OR CLICK ON BUTTON TO Choose this Package. 



For You, if you are an Established Business/Brand that desires to Overhaul or Completely Up-Level your Social Media Platforms and Marketing, To Grow an Engaged Community of Avid Fans, followers, Influence and Desired Results.  

  • Up to 4 Social platforms. 
  • Social Media Audit & Strategy for each platform. 
  • Set up and/Or Optimization. 
  • Daily content on each network
  • 4 posts to stories per week 
  • Monthly Blog Post 
  • Custom Graphics 
  • Video content creation
  • Community Management 
  • Daily Engagement & Commenting as you – Social inboxes 
  • Audience building 
  • Monthly Planning Call (30 Mins) 
  • Mid-Month Check-in Call (15 mins)  
  • Progress Reports  

Share your needs with us HERE OR CLICK ON BUTTON TO Choose this Package. 


If none of our Packages Meet Your Needs OR you Have some extra needs on top of a Package: 

We have Add-Ons, they Include:

Social Ads Campaigns

Extra Platforms on your Package if you prefer not to Upgrading.

Alacarte Strategy Consultations e.g. inhouse Training & Set up 

  • 90 Minutes at £350
  • 3 Hours at £650
  • Half a Day - £1250

  • You can consult on your Social Media Strategy
  •  Set up of your Social Team. 
  • We can Optimize and Teach your Inhouse team what to do going forward. 
  • Chat about Branding, Website Marketing Seo and PPC. Simply Reach out and...

Lets Chat about your needs. 

Lets Chat

About K-Web Social Designs & 

Julie Syl - Kalungi Group

Best Selling Author and Pinterest Strategist Julie Syl Kalungi is your Virtual Chief of Operations of your Behind the Scenes Social Media Success Team - K-Web Social Designs. Your Social Media Management and Digital Marketing Experts. we bring Effective Social marketing that Cuts through the BS of Social media to get your Seen, heard and Found By creating Value content that Hits the numbers and Delivers your Desired End Goal. Since 2014, Julie Syl has delivered Social media success to her clients of all sizes. She and her team do it with Soul, integrity, humour which is refreshing, and most importantly, gets results. 


Dominate Your Competition in Search esp. Google

  • Is your brand practically non-existent online?
  • Does nothing of value about your brand or business show up when people Google your name?
  • Are you finding it difficult to close deals or expand your business, because people don’t think your business is credible enough?

All the above mean it's time you build your digital presence in a focused way. Our team of experts can take care of everything, from building your personal brand strategy, to actually executing and implementing it. We can take your brand/business from being non-existent online to being a recognized and influential entity in your industry.


2 Custom SEO-optimized blog posts + 4 Backlinks  

Local SEO citations: 

  • Listing your Business on Google
  • 40 Listings in Target Location Directories
  • Backlinks on 30+ High Authority Websites
  • Monthly Report & Insights

1 LinkedIn & Facebook Post a day ​  

*PPC ads management available separately


4 Custom SEO-optimized blog posts + 8 Backlinks  

Local SEO citations:  

  • Listing your Business on Google
  • New Local citations in Target Location Directories every month.
  • Backlinks on 50+ High Authority Websites
  • Monthly Report & Insights

1 LinkedIn & Facebook Post a day  

*PPC ads management available separately

Please Fill in Form Below AND Contact Us on Mob/WhatsApp: +447858134865 for the Next Step, to talk about any of the above packages and/or Payment Options.

Lets Chat. 

Don’t have a Website Yet?  

Let's Fix that for you Already! You cannot be or grow into a recognized brand in the modern digital world without an online presence you can fully control and grow into a formidable Asset. Let's get that cracking for you today, check out our K-WEB Social Designs Here.  

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A great place to start, for a small business/brand:  

  • £70 Set Up Fee
  • Create business account  
  • Account management  
  • Optimize Boards & Profile
  • Submit to group boards or 1 Tailwind Tribe*  
  • Create rich pins  
  • Create or Optimize 7 Boards and add pins to them  
  • Pinterest button installed on your site, if necessary.
  • Pin 5-10 pins per day  
  • Increase website traffic  
  • Market Research  
  • Monthly report  

* If Client Uses or Agrees to Use Tailwind as a scheduling tool



Looking to grow your Pinterest Assets faster and See Faster results too! This could be the plan for you: 

  • £70 Set Up Fee
  • Create business account  
  • Account management  
  • Optimize Boards & profile 
  • Submit to group boards or 2 Tailwind Tribes*  
  • Create rich pins  
  • Create or Optimize 14 Boards and add pins to them 
  • Pinterest button installed on your site, if necessary  
  • Pin 25-30 Pins per day  
  • 20 interactions - follow niche influencers & pinners, comment on other pins, favorite, engage.
  • Increase website traffic  
  • Market Research  
  • Monthly report

* If Client Uses or Agrees to Use Tailwind as a scheduling tool


If none of OUR PRE-EXISTING packages meet your needs, we are more than happy to create a custom plan for you. 

All you have to do is to get in touch or email us directly at admin@juleskalpauli.com


K-Web Social Designs 


  Once you have Selected your package, follow the instructions.  

As soon as we receive and confirm your payment, we will email you a short Form that you need to fill in to confirm the project/job and get us the details we need to get started on it.  

We will keep you updated on an agreed basis via e-mail, WhatsApp where available, Zoom call for one-on-ones and Messenger if absolutely necessary!

K-Web Social is a specialist social media marketing agency. We provide social media management and content marketing services for our clients.

Social Media Management

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