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Puppies Do Network…What! Its not What You say when you Do Network, its HOW YOU SAY IT! 



Well wee Lucy has not been well, chucking up her food and all…yet she still does what she is good at. Reminded me of this article I wrote exactly a year ago today about Lucy and her brother Luis…! These two puppies do network I swear! 

Huh whats she on about then? Well…

Our next door neighbours have two gorgeous dogs, not so much puppies now aw! They’re Shih Tzus and one of them seems to absolutely think she is the boss. Now this breed of dog is simply adorable and looks it too. But by gosh Lucy is something else, she definitely looks adorable Oh yes she does. She likes to sit on the porch window ledge and bark at everyone who passes by all day long. But when they are going out for walkies oh my goodness you gotta see this, she lets Luis out first, then jumps at everyone & demands attention. She’ll lick your face off if you get too close, she is a darling! Yet she gives the impression she is about to bite your hand off…so kind of gets the opposite reaction, which makes her bark all the louder! She sure does get the attention though!

After some research, we found that this is actually a condition, according to a dog expert, Lucy thinks she is the boss and likes to have people come down to her level and interact with her & she gives you some love then! In other words you must come down on her terms, this is alpha behaviour at its best. Dogs do network my dears, just like humans do! Its actually been proven & known that dogs even puppies do network. (Google is a well of Info). Do you realise that all alphas get everyone else to come to them…and they do make the most targeted noise online. Its called coaching

Well I’d never seen a small dog act so authoritative. Lucy literally demands attention, she stands out in the park with other dogs too. She believes she is above other dogs and everyone must take note. Once they get to the park Lucy is a dog magnet, other dogs come round her like she is a leader, dogs do network! 🙂 Day by day, we’ve noticed that the other puppy (Luis – he is a boy) is the complete opposite. He is literally so laid back you may think he isn’t there. He doesn’t care to be petted much and he is quite happy sleeping at Lucy’s feet all day. But get this, the neighbour says when its food time, Lucy pushes Louis to his dish first. She lets him get to his dinner and guess what, Louis doesn’t need much pushing here! He knows his dish… he too allows her to push him to his food…what’s that all about !

Lucy believes in herself, But she knows when to support Luis. Yes she demands attention all day, she won’t let anyone into the house unless they acknowledge her presence. She likes to be noticed & petted and she gets what she wants. She apparently is absolutely self-confident, she has self-belief! Luis likes his peace & quiet and no amount of barking on Lucy’s part bothers him, (you would expect both to bark all day as one follows the other)

Lucy’s best leverage is, of course, her voice maybe she knows that she is gorgeous too!

Whats your Special sauce, that reason why people should listen to you and buy from you? You do network, but how do you make sure that special You shines through and connects with the otehr person? 

See once Lucy she gets you down to her level, she rewards you with a huge lick and tail shake. While Luis is hesitant and less forward & therefore gets so much less attention even from the family members. But despite this he gets to his food first coz Lucy pushes him! Luis is quite hesitant even when offered doggy goodies, it’s like he waits for Lucy to have her share first, who pushes him to go get it…He is conditioned to wait for her…maybe! I think he has it all sussed out…

Do network the right way and you will become an Alpha Leader!

So this brings me to the lesson today. Are you an alpha leader, a leader-in-waiting aka beta or simply a follower. Lucy is definitely an alpha. I believe Luis is a beta but lets look at this closer….

…and anyway what has all this got to do with marketing…?

I think there is A LESSON HERE!



Everyone needs a Leader & a push sometimes, just like Luis. He feels safer letting Lucy lead & Lucy stands out for all to see, she likes to be different (not just a pretty face then). But she knows when to let Luis get his share and shows she cares for him. So like Lucy you shouldn’t let anything stop you or bring you down or divert you from your dreams & targets. But you must be ready to help & support your team members to get to their share of success too. You must allow other kingdoms to flourish…I will tell you about different kingdoms in the Network Marketing industry next week!

When we help a new team member get started, we want them to have the best opportunity to succeed. The way to do this is by pointing them to necessary resources to get results ASAP. Ensure they DO TAKE ACTION daily at least in first 21 days so it becomes a habit, unless they dont make time in which case…you are not their mama!  

Help them get independent as soon as possible.

Tim Ferris refers to this in his book “The Four Hour Week” in that by working with those people that are most ready to do whatever it takes & get to their targets we reduce on our distress and get more of the Eustress…:) Eric Worre puts it even better in Go Pro with these steps:

  1. Show them What Works BUT lead them with what they want…Their Dream or WHY. It means taking the time to find out what it is, so you can lead with it! Do this at the very start i.e. strategy session within first 3-4 days max. Or even while prospecting them, so you know if you have someone who’ll be serious about building their business.
  2. SHOW them how to you do the business, step by step. then allow them to do it themselves. Could be a few times. This helps in showing them what doesn’t work. Have 3-way calls with them, Train them to adjust the system to work for them, do network with them, it makes a huge difference.
  3. Take baby steps. This is very important. Many people want Instant results…! Yet they know very little, so neither should you push new team members to deliver results on Day1. It’s better to give a new member only 1-2 steps at a time & have them report back. Build your house one brick at a time, it’s the only way. It takes time so patience is essential, it’s a virtue. Trust me the joy and feeling you will get when that person starts to deliver consistent results & become a leader, a professional …you helped them on their journey!

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Did you like this post about how dogs do network esp. our Lucy & Luis?  Do you have a pooch or two, they do network don’t they? Let us know, leave a comment below & connect with us in all the usual ways.

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