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Customer Acquisition is an Art…Why Prospects Stop Reading your Emails or Adverts. Its Not What You say Its How You say It – Info-Graphic! 

Its that time of the week again…ASK JULIE time and I am focusing on Customer Acquisition, which links in beautifully with what Pauli has been sharing with us all week…Advertising Our Offers if you havent read it Here it is! Who is ready to acquire More customers? Most Definitely, You, Me and I …In this article I am looking at customer acquisition from a different angle…Why your customers or subscribers are not reading your ads or emails anymore. An extremely common problem as I have received numerous inquiries on this so here is my answer, You ready? Lets go…

You see customer acquisition is part and parcel of advertising & the best adverts follow the K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) principle. This is what we’ve learned & implemented from various trainings we’ve undertaken; tested and shared with others, i.e. proven tips!

In this post I give you 6 unquestionable reasons why your ads or emails aren’t getting read and how you can remedy the situation for better customer acquisition and retention, this to me is absolutely essential esp for residual income growth.

Do you know that 97% of the time your audience won’t read unsolicited ads or emails. Quite simply because they are bombarded with information, hundreds of ads & mails daily, sadly yours is one of multitudes interrupting their lives. With only 24 hours we all get to work, live, love and rest, well you can imagine the predicament…you are probably facing exact same problem…right!


Customer acquisition Shouldnt Be a Fork In the Road Moment

Dont Create “A Fork In The Road Moment” for your Audience, Be Specific & InteresTED

Personally its a “Dorothy moment” (which road to take) every time I open my emails or visit a website with several ads! I am forced to decide if I want to read the message, just delete or bounce. We all know what a high bounce rate does for your website/blog right…! If you don’t…simply it means you’re ranked lower. It means search engine bots think;

that your content is not great, your audience don’t like it, or worse, you are a spammer

In my case, the title usually decides it for me whether to open and read more. Mind you the first paragraph must be a killer and of course the sender must be someone I trust or respect! Are you like this too…well we are a lot similar then, and so are millions of others! How do you think this affects your customer acquisition or sales? Well read on…

Why your Ads or emails are not read, affects your Customer Acquisition!

What makes us choose which ads or emails to read and click delete or simply ignore others? We delve in some Psychology and Reasons why your sales and general customer acquisition methods may be sucking you dry below!

  • Long Winded Ads (less than 2 mins) or emails (more than 3 Parags): Your message could be too long (time is of essence). Mind Your Fonts & language too; if it’s difficult to read, its getting binned. Personally I give up on such adverts/messages! You might try images…cave men did and look how modern writting has evolved…K.I.S.S


  • Prospects stop reading your ad/mail because the Title & Message is Not Grabbing Our Attention. This could be what we call Boring ads/e-mails…Real Bad for customer acquisition…see they arent even looking! Titles should Be Catchy **STOP PRESS** kinda thing…and here is our 100% Free Ad Titles Swipe File Grab It Here!


  • Material/Product/service unsuitability can be a customer acquisition killer: If your prospect already has what you are offering or they don’t need it, your message is dead in the waters! You Need to Survey, learn what they want aka needs or desires, their buying cycles, their budgets etc. and Give It to them!


  • Lack of Belief and/or Trust in you: If your Prospects think, I can’t do this, Will I manage this, Can He/Sreally help me? Then chances you won’t get that sale! Your Job is to make sure you learnall you can about this “Person” remember avatar? And Address their needs. Niche marketing is awesome! Please be careful not to exaggerate the abilities of your product/service. Dishonesty means you aren’t integral, this could lead to loss of trust and end your customer acquisition journey, sooner or later!


  • Distractions, Life, Call it what you want: – Are also one of the biggest reasons people stop reading your emails or ads. Let me tell you a secret, if your message isn’t important enough i.e. not a priority to me then any interruption will do…


  1. The Jehovah’s witness at the door, (I love them I always have a discussion about faith with them, with a cuppa)
  2. If I happen to check another link out and it looks good,
  3. If the time I set for that task is gone & I don’t schedule for next day…that’s me gone!

Do you reckon I could be a typical subscriber, prospect? And if your click through rate is Low this could be your biggest problem to customer acquisition!


Here is the Biggest Customer Acquisition Mistake You Could Be making:

Often times in my travels, I read magazines and newspaper esp. the ads, and by gosh 99% of them are downright dull and I often yawn and close the offending page…So Listen up, the saying goes, “How you say something is just as important as what you say.” Very true and thus YOUR AD or EMAIL should be similar to a face-to-face presentation, simple.

I know from my personal reaction that a great ad has the offer itself, in a language, tone, “voice” and oft-times image that pulls at my emotions positively or not so much…See I am a typical Customer!

The problem is that most sales messages aka Ads, broadcasts and emails get so engrossed in describing the company, its products, and product features that they fail to appeal to the reader You and I, So what do your Messages speak, are they doing a great job for your customer acquisition?

While the above typical “Ad Fail” is understandable.  People in home based businesses often get obsessed with the product/service that they get tunnel vision and fail to look at their copy from their reader’s perspective. A great sales person could sell Ice to eskimos in huge amounts

So The above is understandable, but inexcusable.

My advice is: Make it “benefit-rich” How? Be more experiential in your ads, Paint a picture for us, make us experience what you are telling us…Mentally.  Let us feel or imagine how it feels. Most importantly, appeal to OUR egos when describing those benefits, AND the benefits of the benefits as Ray Higdon Drums it into his readers!

Here is the deal, in order to jack up your sales and customer acquisition, understand that: People always buy for and are influenced by, Need, Personal desires, Selfish and self interest motives.  And guess what?  It’s been that way for thousands of years, nothing’s changed apart from technology. Humans will always be humans. We always buy with emotions and justify it logically and We always will.

Our job as entrepreneurs is to express our offers in terms that trigger the prospects emotions, press their hot buttons, tug at their heartstrings, and push them into taking action. To do otherwise with your offers is the biggest mistake you can make for your customer acquisition.

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The Info-Graphic Below gives you My Customer Acquisition tips in Technicolour – Click To Download

Customer Acquisition  Is an Act Of Appeal to Their Emotions, Are You Doing It?

Download it and share please link back to source thank you. Beter still bookmark this article and enjoy. And I wrap this Up with the Super Tips below…See I Always OVERDELIVER!

For Your Customer Acqisition to Increase DO The Following:

Know What Your Customer Wants & Expects Prior to your Message

Most Home Based Business owners DONT KNOW the demographics about their customers. And that isnt good! To me, the most important thing is to learn very fast WHO & HOW your ideal customer typically learns about your product or service and what motivates them to buy.

Once you have identified the above, you must ask them what motivates them to buy the type of product or service that you offer and How Often. In otherwords know what your customer wants and expects Then Deliver.

Here are some things to do your research or Surveys on customer acquisition and their Habits:

  1. Brand Names, do they look at these? Are You Branding You? If Now WHY…Its never too late today is Your Day!
  2. Are They Influenced by Paid Ads…Retarget them, through TV or Radio ads, Catalogues, Newspapers, Yellow pages, Weekly local mags or even Designer/Profesisional/Brand Magazines!
  3. Do product reviews influence their buying decisions…Get some Reviews done…Hello Free Samples!
  4. Do they ask friends for referrals? Do YOU ASK for referrals from your prospects? I DO!
  5. Do they love Freebies & Discount coupons before they buy…Ditto!
  6. Do ads in the mail or Newspapers influence their Buying decision? Corporates always read the news on the bus or train…An Ad in the right Paper or mag could go a long way!
  7. Do they need to see a demo before buying..Well give it to them, travel parties, events, trade fairs, local markets SHOW MORE PEOPLE!
  8. Do they respond to telephone solicitations…Surprisingly Many people do 30% PICK THAT PHONE UP!
  9. Does location of productservice matter to them? Consider shipping costs or find a local distributor/partner!  they look for a convenient location to buy the product or service?
  10. Are there specific features that they look for whenever they buy the product or service?
  11. What else influences them to buy your product or service?

When you have the answers to some of the above questions, you MUST use them to Create the right Messages, adverts, emails. They should help you determine where and how you advertise,a nd go a log way in solving yor customer acquisition quagmire…  Enough for today, Make it an awesome weekend and week ahead!

Let me hear your thoughts on the infographic and tips Shared above. Join the conversation below, what would you add or take away from/to this list.


As always I believe in You!

Julie Syl Kalungi

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