How to Build a List with Pinterest -5 Super Steps! #pinterestmarketing #pintereststrategy

How to Build a List with Pinterest: 5 Simple Efficient Illustrated Steps!


How to Build an Email List on Pinterest in 5 Super Steps! #Pinterestmarketing



Have you tried to build a list with Pinterest and can seem to make any headway? Do you ever wonder how other people are making sales via Pinterest over and over again? Did it ever occur to you they must be doing something over and over again! Repetition is the master of all great results or lack of them lol! 

Well in this tutorial I share with you WHAT THAT IS! To succeed online you gotta do this whether you use Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Twitter ads etc. you gotta do it and it’s called List Building. Working on your Network…But not in the way you have ever been taught!

By the end of this tutorial you will have a blueprint on how to Build an Insane list with Pinterest or any other Social or Online Platform you deem best for your brand!  

Part of email List building involves having killer offers both Free and Paid. Yet before I go any further, let me call the elephant out the room….




You should never give away all your marketing secrets for free.

Don’t get me wrong if you apply yourself, time, effort to the freemium online in the Long run you might begin to actually see results and make some money in your business.

The only Reason you should be giving away stuff free is to BUILD YOUR LIST, and in this training I share with you some killer tips on how to Build a List with Pinterest!

The reason I wouldn’t include everything I know for free is simply because I’ve invested A heck of a lot both time and resources to learn the skill-sets I have…

So if you have questions I’ll point you to my free stuff FIRST…

If you need more help after that I will point you to my advanced training, does that make sense?

If you’re not willing to invest into becoming a professional marketer or blogger, considering you are in the industry…

I’m not sure what to tell you. All I know is you’re going to have a very tough time building a profitable business and brand…

…Let me paint a picture for you quickly…

Most bloggers, home business entrepreneurs and network marketers generate roughly 0 leads per day… 

Most bloggers, and internet marketers generate roughly 0 leads per day, #changetime… Click To Tweet


Which = No income let alone profit at the end of the month. And you still got a $99 auto ship (on average)

That puts you at -$99 a month?

But if you Invest in training to generate leads. You should focus on a specific Platform, I this case you want to build a list on Pinterest, you will increase your chances of generating 2-5 leads per day.  

Scaling up as you skill up by applying yourself.  The more you believe you are worth, the better the training you invest in!

The more you believe you are worth, the better the training you invest in #selfdevelopment… Click To Tweet

The thing is most people invest in Freemium or low ticket training courses, let’s say 10 bucks. (Working only 1 hr 5 days a week.) Yo get what you put in…FACT! 

At bare minimum you may learn how to generate 4 leads a day and you close your new leads at 10% that will be 20 leads a week and 2 sales.

Let’s say you make 30% commission on each $99 sale. That’s $29.99

At the end of the month you have made $239 total…

Subtract -$10 for the course you bought to help you earn that in the first place and -$99 for your auto-ship!

Profit = $130

Next month it could be + or – $130 or BETTER!

Based on $130 x 12 months = $1,560 (which is enough for a nice conservatory, or a bombdigity family vacation to a 3* Hotel!)

Now, if you continue to go in the direction you were going before investing in your training, you would be a minimum -$99/month and -$1188/year…You choose!

Moral of the story is; TODAY STOP that FEAR of investing in your Skills to become a better marketer. To Monetize your blog better. You bank account doesn’t deserve to be down almost -$1200 at the end of the year??


Increase your Investment in You. Find better courses and generate even more leads, increase your conversions and the numbers above start to get exciting. The Plan is to Build a list! And on Pinterest it is very possible. So…


In today’s Complimentary Tutorial, you will learn:

– What you need to know to leverage and Dominate Pinterest traffic.

– Critical steps to ensure you turn those visitors into Subscribers and Build a massive list via Pinterest

– Specific steps to Optimize your Pins to stand out and attract clicks!

– Specific strategies to increase your customer base with Specific Pins which increase engagement and the life of your Pinterest Assets

– The Ultimate Resource to help you 10x the above actions and make an even bigger impact to your bank balance 



Watch the Video below to Learn How To Build a List with Pinterest and Crush it in Your Business!

Struggling with Pinterest Marketing? Get Our Cheat-sheet to Turn Browsers to Buyers Via Pinterest!

Pinterest Traffic Domination Cheat-Sheet!


So as you have seen in the case studies and illustrations in Video above, you can very easily build a list with Pinterest.

If you lead your readers to a blog post, i.e. quality content! Do make sure that your blog post has a pinnable image and other links, banners or forms for your audience to leave their details by Subscribing!  Now building an email list on pinterest will go further than the Images and above suggestions. So to…



Build an email list with Pinterest: Ensure you have a proper Capture/Squeeze page

How to Build an Insane List with Pinterest without breaking the bank!

There are various ways to do this and you don’t need a high faluted expensive resource either. My favorite tool that you can try out for just $1 is Aweber. This is a resource that allows you to create Very simple mobile responsive, appealing, landing/capture/squeeze pages and also create follow up email series, blog broadcasts and newsletters for your subscribers and a heck of a lot more!

You can build really simple yet compelling Opt-in pages for your offers and present a professional way for your audience to subscribe to your awesome content. Otherwise you won’t be getting any subscribers any time soon!  

You don’t have to be a computer techie or know how to write html to create one either. Aweber walks you through the process with very simple 2-3 minute videos.

Well that’s all for today….

Pinterest Traffic Domination Cheat-Sheet!

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I hope we’ve helped you see “how to build a list with Pinterest fast” and get more clients

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