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In this post, we are sharing our best Social Media Content Calendar and Marketing tips.  These will help you attract your target audience at the right time, definitely increase your optins and sales too. 

You do know that as an internet marketer you should have a content calendar, right?

This Content Calendar is actually Super amazing for your Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

We assume you wish to help more people who need hour product gain access to it ahead of the competition right?

Are you struggling with what to post on your blog ad social media when?  You find that you are always working behind other creatives in your content shares. You are more reactive than pro-active?

How come people have been posting about Valentines, don’t those guys know it’s still January? How do you get to share your business, product or service with more people without missing out on the season, trends and viral moments?

Let’s say you have a weight loss product that you know will help lots of people. When is the best time to maximize yours, i.e. reach more of those people?  

How do you tell the right kind of content to post when? And help your peeps shed that weight, get that bikini bod? Maybe you are into a lifestyle and wish to know when to let your audience know when to book their flights on time? You know your product/service, but you definitely may not know when is the best time to Share it more to get the most out of it.


By the way you might be in that position of not knowing How often to post on Your Blog. That particular problem we solved for you in a detailed resource go check it out!

In this episode, it’s all about Your Social media content calendar and content marketing as done by the 6-7 figure earners and rock-stars.

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In addition to looking at your company’s sales cycles and trending events, you should look into your local areas, events and trends. Your country and of course global events that would impact your business growth. Plan in advance to post content that reflects that knowledge both on your social media channels and blog if you have one. This will put you way ahead of the gang and position you as the expert for others to go to!



Social Media Marketing – How to Set Your Content Marketing for More Sales!

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How to Set your Social Media Content calendar

Use Google Calendar and Docs. Also Get an actual paper or Online calendar. Set your Schedule aka To-Do List of posts. Not just Facebook posts but also Pinterest, Instagram, Tweets, Blog posts, email blasts, ads, etc. either on paper or online, and start scheduling content into it. Consider creating your Visuals…Below is an example of what you can include in your social media calendar:


  • Images,
  • Testimonies
  • Product launches,
  • Videos
  • Case studies & results
  • Social media updates
  • Trending events
  • Planned events
  • Charts
  • eBook launches
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Personal goals
  • Team Planned activities

To be honest blog content is something you should never run out of. If you do find blocks you should visit our winning blogging strategy for Blog Content Ideas




Final Words on Your Social media Content Calendar 

So whats left to do now?

Obviously Get to work right! Send your content marketing calendar to your Virtual Assistant or Get to work creating content in advance. Take time out a week or two and go on a creative frenzy. Or just create the relevant images for your content. Start getting ready to put the content out. If possible schedule it ahead of time. You could use Hootsuite, Socialjukebox, Via your Facebook fan page. Use the WordPress blog scheduling tool etc!

For Pinterest Use your Tailwind Scheduling tool to re-share Your images and Watch it deliver amazing results for you. Try Tailwind Free Here! (Do refresh the page as we are revamping the site and you may need to do to access the resource.) 

Do as much work in advance as possible, so you will be ahead of the game. Get promoting, syndicating and sharing your content across your social media channels once its published and watch your social influence grow, your fan base increase, opt-ins galore and more sales then you imagined! 



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