How To Grow Your Team Fast

Grow Your Team Fast and your home business faster. Here are 7 Top Tips on How to Grow Your Team and Business Fast that work.


Well vacation over back to the grind with some super tips on How to Grow Your Team fast!


We’ve said this before that techniques to market your home business are basically the same in most areas, bar cultural differences & different negotiation methods. There should always be room & place for negotiations…Direct Selling, Affiliate or Network Marketing is the same everywhere, whether in Britain or Canada Australia or in Kenya. You just have to be ready to sell More…to grow your team fast!

#1 So Here is The One and Only Tip You need to know TODAY TO EFFECTIVELY Grow Your Team Fast. If you just started a Home business or invested in a Product or service, or are stuck in a rut; all You Have To do is PICK UP THE PHONE….Okay thats it we’re done …


Okay jokes aside, but we aren’t the only ones saying this every professional online marketer, small business owner, home business entrepreneur, knows the power of CALLING your Prospects or Potential Customers! You will not only stand out, You will make more sales, simple! Just recently Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro said exactly the same thing!


#2 You probably do know this but How often Do You practice? How Often do you do These things:

BE helpful
BE complimentary & Encouraging of other Marketers & Companies

Well DO the above AND SHARE FREE Generic Training & soon you will have those people come join you. Many Marketers are suffering in staunch silence and watching leaders, who they gravitate to. What do leaders do? Share Freely, lots of value, FREE, no judgement, no dissing, no anger towards others. In fact they train & get invited to present to competing companies too. Your Business will grow exponentially, the more value you put out there and share far and wide consistently.

Today’s market is over saturated with plenty of opportunities waiting to satisfy all tastes and budgets some last the test of time, most sadly don’t! Should that put you off owning your home business becoming an affiliate/distributor? Absolutely not. Therefore, making YOUR online business the attention of prospects is essential. So, what do you have to do to market your home business, sell more? We have some leads that you can follow and make your life easier.

Are you a home business owner, an affiliate/distributor? If your answer is yes, then it means you share the same goal: get new customers/members/distributors. To grow your team fast and sell your product/services in no time and with little effort. There is no rocket science or any complicated formulas that you have to bear in mind to achieve your aim. Not at all! You just have to be aware of some tricks that will help you market your business more efficiently and consequently get the result you want! We did tackle the fact That Anyone can make money online

Below are 5 more Top tips to grow your team fast & market your home business!


#3. If you haven’t started yet, PLEASE identify your niche & even if you have, do some more Research. Plan, yes in this industry, there are only two options – failure or win. How can you turn the odds in your favour? With a little bit of preparation, focus, research in advance. If you create a blog, do your keyword research (click here to read our article on Keyword research). And make sure you maximize your blog SEO to get some eye balls to your blog. You need to become familiar with the MULTI in MLM remember its not “Level marketing” its Multi…so reach out to someone new every day. And don’t you dare tell us you don’t know anyone. Social Media is teeming with people literally begging to connect with others. See image below!

Grow Your Team Fast

Can You Honestly say You are trying to connect and failing?

Learn the ins-and-outs of the entire lead generation & conversion process. Connect with Leaders and learn from them, it’s good to do what you are told. Learn the network or business language and the secrets that may give you the edge over the competition. You may find Network Marketing a little bit daunting in the beginning…perseverance and being coachable will pull you through.

As you are competing against thousands of other platforms, affiliates & distributors you need creativity, determination and undoubtedly field knowledge. So, if you are a first-timer, be patient with YOU, get a mentor to help you! Paul & I We believe in You and are here to Help, reach out TODAY, your future depends on it.

#4. Do hustle DAILY Like Your RENT IS OVERDUE & DEPENDS ON IT, its the only way to BREAKTHROUGH! Means Sacrificing, maybe less sleep, early wake up…Less pub visits, belts tight, heck no chippie…The Results will be so worth it!


#5. Tip four on how to Grow your team fast, …now you have a new team member or 10. Well BeKeep em Close to Grow Your Team Fast Ready To Be there Daily for the first 30 days for your New team members. In those first 30 days Keep em close, SHOW THEM HOW & WHY, No excuses. See you don’t have to be in the same room You can use Skype, Freeconferencing, etc You do this to show then exactly how you work and thus how they too can progress and earn fast. See its about results and keeping them as far away from the “Quitting threshold” as possible. If you don’t know about this, you definitely need to get with Us to help you understand this. Why you could be stuck in recruiting land for ever if you don’t learn how to RETAIN and KEEP your New Team Mates focused, excited & committed!  And literally hold them accountable to their WHY! Use Social Media & The Internet my dears.

Your aim is to convert know-how and theory into profit. Note that today’s buyers begin their search online, so you are already in the right place. Get your services & products in front of your target audience & you can do this online!


#6. To Grow your Team fast, Be ready to be Mysterious Yet Approachable: Let others wonder & ask what you do! Everyone knows that every IM is promoting their business on social media esp. Facebook. Therefore, to market your network marketing home business, you need to learn how to invite (Without spamming) Share or present, Collect the decision & Close. Be ready to qualify your target market as common knowledge renders it: ‘If there is no flexibility, there is no transaction!’ And walk away with no hard feelings if things don’t turn out as expected!
Keeping your potential buyers/customers interested in your offer, irrespective of your direct competition, may turn out to be not as difficult as you anticipated in the beginning. Be ready to adjust your technique along the way. In short, learn to be “an authority” to others! Or let others do it for you…People Will join your team or you, of their own accord!


Chmpions grow their team fast#7. Do You exhibit Traits of a Champion? Well if you want to grow your team fast you must develop such traits. People love a champion, people love to support the gold medal winner at sporting events! They like to hang out with winners and leaders, so if you stand out as “A champion” through your actions, you will attract people to you like bees to honey. You will grow your team fast…AND Remember champions put in the sweat, grind, tears pain, in other words behind the scenes Things have to happen. Value has to be shared and they are resilient, Determined, Committed, Focused. They do show up…stand up to be counted! Lead by example! So expand your network and freely share your knowledge and expertise. Your friends and family may be supportive but you definitely need a wider base. Consider who would make a good customer and then look for ways to meet those people. The internet is a treasure trove of new friends waiting to be met. BUT TALK LESS TO MORE PEOPLE. How? By Asking More Questions. Check out this article by Ray Higdon to Help Your Business Grow with Social Media! If you would like to learn in more detail how you can grow your team fast check out this platform that we use!

TO wrap this up, please Do FOLLOW UP & keep in in touch. Just because someone doesn’t buy today doesn’t mean they won’t ever or pass your details on to someone who buys! Esp. if you sell to businesses. Some industries/products have very long buying cycles. Always remember that:

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” – Harvey S. Firestone

Next we’ll Talk About Network Communication…

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