7 Killer Steps to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Offers #pinterestmarketing

7 Killer Steps to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Offers! – Bonus Super Tip in Video!  

Pinterest is a major Player for brands and businesses - Are you leveraging it to grow your blog? Find out how to use Pinterest to drive 5x more traffic to your offers!


What would an extra 1000+ blog visitors per month do for your home business? Scale that up by 10%, How about that? Now I don’t want you to get all warm and bothered, yet you can use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Blog and Offers above these figures!

There’s a strong case for using Pinterest to drive blog traffic. But then its only for those savvy enough to know how powerful it is and Take Action. Today you could join those ranks!

In today’s Post I Help you leverage this Untapped Traffic Source and use Pinterest to drive your blog and brand growth! 

Many internet marketers and Bloggers aren’t taking advantage of Pinterest for your marketing.


You should learn how to use Images to get more traffic to your offers otherwise yet another year will pass you by as you wonder what you’re missing? Let me share with you what that could be with regards to Pinterest:


  • The life of a pin is Infinite, but let’s start with 3.5 months and you still making sales 2.5 months after you first pinned it! Compared to 60 mins for a Facebook Update and 27 minutes for a tweet…Did I hear a Wow?


  • A pin is 200% more likely to go viral than a tweet


  • Two-thirds of the content saved to Pinterest comes from businesses so quit thinking it’s just for Cute cats, Recipes and DIY and get leveraging it! This is Your Digital Filing Cabinet, the same applies to other pinners – your potential customers!


  • According to TechCrunch, a pin could contribute to 6 page views to your blog and this traffic can continue for several months.


  • Do you have an e-commerce site or are wondering how you can monetize your blog? Good, use Pinterest to drive traffic to your E-commerce site as each pin can bring in up to 78 cents…! Add that up and you are in gravy!


  • Pinterest boards are indexed by Google – this does not happen on any other social media content or networks other than Google plus, which is google lol! Hello Organic Traffic!


  • Users behave differently on Pinterest, they aren’t there to chat, or have a conversation or find breaking news like on twitter or Facebook. They are there with a purpose. Yet so many marketers and bloggers don’t really know how to apply Pinterest SEO to your advantage. Something I addressed fully in the Ultimate Pinterest Road-map. Once you learn this, the impact it can have on your blog traffic is huge.




So Today I lay out for you A SURE strategy on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your offers. Yes, I know you are focused on Twitter marketing, we cannot ignore Facebook. Boy that LinkedIn is looking good right now and that Jess said you could get a stream of traffic from G+. I hear ya and I say ADD Pinterest to that list today and you will be telling a different story by this time next year!

Now I could be wrong and please don’t take my word for it, but according to Chinese whispers, and we know they are usually right; Facebook might be in the process of taking away the organic reach of posts even more from Fan Pages…Oops they already did that, so now what? 

Well we have a solution for you in The Next Blog post lets just say Your Fan Page will be way more useful to you as a Marketer…

In the meantime, the only way you can reach a viable audience would be through Facebook ads. The number of Fan Pages with no reach at all is huge. Many are as quiet as Cemeteries! Sadly, the owners have no clue what to do, OR they are too blinkered to seek help.

So, listen up, if you’re on a tight or NO budget, in need of traffic and hoping for a turnaround from the plethora of Social Media Changes! If you have taken a big hit from these updates.

I am here to assure you that you can effectively use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog if you know what to do! This is what the power that be at Pinterest have to say about driving online sales:

Pinterest is a good place to be. Here, your products aren’t just helpful, they’re actually welcome.”

Need any more encouragement?

Before I get into today’s training, below are some ideas to help you pin better:


  • Training – Dive into my mini YouTube Video Tutorials where I share unique tips, techniques and hacks to help you use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog! We Share some totally rad Social Media and Marketing Videos on our Facebook Page Like it and check often! Then head on to Pinterest for some really insightful generic videos for your learning and business growth, ALL FREE!


  • Pinterest also offers Downloadable PFDs to help you optimize your assets esp. boards, best practice and they show you how to use the analytics! What you Track you can scale up or down. I encourage you to go use that resource!


  • Ensure you totally have deployed Rich Pins on all your sites/blogs otherwise you are missing out on a ton of traffic. Rich Pins help you reach more people. Plus, several tools available for business accounts Also Use Sumome Image Sharer. Helps your Audience share easier & More. Just hover over our blog images and see how easy it is to Pin, Tweet, FB Share! Stay up to date with what you need to be able to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your products with their help!


  • If you missed the window for my Ultimate Pinterest Road-map, then I strongly recommend you get on the Wait-list for when its back on the market in 3 months. Enter your details below so you don’t miss the opportunity!

I’m going to go over exactly what you can do to use Pinterest to drive more blog traffic consistently. How to scale it up, and how to ensure that traffic sticks!

I believe you’ll really benefit from these tips. So, let’s go ahead and get started.


Alright, first of all I do recommend you go through my Pinterest Marketing Video Vault so you are set up right! It includes everything like: the ABC of set up, branding you the right way, profile optimization, boards optimization, perfecting your SEO so you actually rank in search and your videos are shown as related videos. It’s doing wonders for our blog and YouTube Videos! How to make money on Pinterest etc. You definitely want to find out what has changed since the February Algorithm change. And there is a lot!

So I most definitely recommend that you check that Vault out after you go through this tutorial and watch the video, because it makes sense and compliments the content herein!

So let’s get into the deep end of how to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your blog below!


Step 1. A Picture Speaks a thousand Words!  

Not all images were made equal. Otherwise we would all be getting mucho re-pins and blog traffic galore…But then again not all of us are applying ourselves to growing our bog traffic even when we find FREE value content to help us. Don’t let that be you!

Don’t struggle to find pin worthy images for your blogs that actually get shares and attract followers to you. My Advice is go look on Pinterest and on your social platforms. Tweets that have gone viral, Post updates on Facebook, Instagram Picture quotes go find those that are already popular. If that image resonates with your brand or audience, well borrow it, and pin it!   

You are a busy mama we get it so don’t reinvent the wheel but give attribution when you borrow those images, guess what the owner may find your pin and share it to their adoring audience and bingo you get a flow of traffic you didn’t dream of. No good act goes un-rewarded!  What goes around comes around! 

In other words, if you are struggling to grow your pinterest, why not borrow your niche influencer’s Pins, Re-share them intermingled with your own Pins you will attract a lot of interest in Pinterest and traffic galore.

For your Pins, you want to brand that image. I recommend you put your website/business URL at the bottom corner of your pins. Make it tasteful.



Step 2. To use Pinterest to Drive traffic to your offers, Pin at the right time

To be honest there is really no best time because at every moment someone is pinning and browsing on Pinterest. But you want to optimize your shares and get more followers right?

You want as many eyeballs and as many people as possible to repin/save your content so that Pinterest shows it even more frequently to other Pinners.

My advice is to find out where your audience lives, what do they do & when on Pinterest. When are they mostly online. It’s been proven by research that 9% of users visit Pinterest several times a day. You want to engage these people. Remember there are Hundreds of millions of Pinners, so 9% is a huge number!

Take the time to do our research. It’s essential for your business. Use either Your Tailwind Analytics or your Pinterest analytics for these demographics. (Only for Business accounts.)

In our case I found it’s between the hours of 4pm – 10pm. Maybe, they are home from college or work, had dinner and are a little free to browse!  Naturally, you too should pin when your target audience is on Pinterest.

Research from HubSpot has shown that it’s a good idea to Pin on Saturday morning for business. The worst time to pin is between 9am – 5pm i.e. The work week hours!

To hit various demographics, you will want to be pinning consistently and different times, and you don’t have to do it manually. I have already shared a resource Tailwind. This tool is a gem worth every penny! You can try it for FREE for up to 100 Pins. I encourage you to go for it and test it out.

Then you either pay $15/month and schedule up to 400 pins/month. Or go all in and pay $119 for the year & schedule an unlimited number of pins.  The best pinning ratios are 60% Other people’s pins to 40% your pins.

For the Rest of the Steps plus Killer Bonus Step on how to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic to your blog, Watch Video Below: 

Did you Get that Bonus Tip. Its Killer So go back and watch the last part of the video for that! And I decided to Share the next step Right here in this post! 



Step 7. Lifestyle Sells.

 7 Killer Steps to Driving Massive Referral Traffic from Pinterest in 2016! #pinterestconsultant #pinteresttips

Don’t Sell just the Dream, Share the Benefits of your Products and services to their Life Click To Tweet

Don’t Sell just the Dream, Share the Benefits of your Products and services to their Life. 

You see the dream may seem way beyond some of your fans. But if you share your story, how you got from A to B or how that product or service helped you to get XYZ results. You will be Speaking to their Need and Desires while sharing a solution! Use your Pin Images to showcase HOW your network or affiliate marketing product helps their life or Business. Always be talking to THAT ONE PERSON!  

Example: I don’t buy a health product just to look at it or have a hoard. I buy it because of what it could do for me or my life. I bought an iPad because I could use it to better manage my business and communicate with family abroad. And more recently to livestream via various social apps!

In the same way; people will eventually opt to work with you in your network marketing company, because they want what it could do for their lifestyle. We want the results, and if you consistently show us “HOW we can get said results,” you got the hook firmly sank in!

With Pinterest it works even better. A Visual sign post showing us the How, The Where, the when. We like, we click through, we buy eventually. Traffic baby, Period! See how this works?

Post images of testimonies, of real people enjoying the benefits your product, service or business. What it has done for them. You will attract the traffic you desire and them some!

Let’s Wrap this up:

To use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your content, Give Value in bucket loads. Pinterest is lately placing more emphasis on quality of the pins i.e. content, rather than follower numbers. So the Value you bring to the market place, as in everything wins in the end!

And as my mentor says;

The formula for Pinterest Traffic success is: Entertainment + Education + Value –  too salesy = Traffic & Sales!”

formula for Pinterest Traffic success is: Entertainment + Education + Value - too salesy =… Click To Tweet

I know this from personal experience and numerous training from our mentors:


“If you meet a need, want or Solve a problem in someone’s life, they’re not only going to want to click through from Pinterest, they’ll share with others and possibly stick around. They could become part of your “Tribe or pack” and a regular blog reader and ultimately buyers. This is how you use Pinterest to drive traffic, return traffic over and over!”


You have no more excuses, you either consider Pinterest a worthy Marketing platform for your business/blog/bran or continue to hit and miss in marketing efforts on social media!  You now know a heck of a lot and have the resources you need to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your content and sites!  

And as always I love to over deliver. So for your convenience I created a Downloadable PDF below, which contains all the Information including Video content, Essential resources and strategies mentioned in this post. Consider it my Gift to You as a valued Reader and/or client!


So, how do you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your sites? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you got value DO Pin this Post and Share on Social Media…



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You Deserve More!

Live. Learn. Love!

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