How to Build your business on pinterest Fast #bestpinteresttips

Here are our 4 Steps to Build your Business on Pinterest Fast!

In this episode I am going to dive into how you can attract laser targeted traffic, leads and sales with Pinterest. I will be talking more about TRAFFIC and How to build Your Business on Pinterest.

I have been building in network marketing since 2013 and I work closely with my husband Pauli. We have created systems that have allowed us to get our offers and brand in front of more people and more so via Pinterest!

As with most entrepreneurs, your goal is to increase traffic and the best way of doing that, especially if you are a new blogger/have an e-commerce store is by using Pinterest.

Pinterest is our secret weapon for increasing traffic to our offers and websites!

Last week our guest blogger Ryan Biddulph brought a breath of fresh air with his blogging lessons from exotic creatures he battled…Now lets get some traffic to your blog and put the icing on that cake! By the way if you havent read his post, you definitely want to do so, its hilarious! 😀 

So back to Pinterest…

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Here is the deal. People go to Pinterest to be Inspired, Entertained or Educated…and in many cases to BUY. This is very true for women.

People go to Pinterest to be Inspired, Entertained or Educated…and in many cases to BUY.… Click To Tweet

One of my sisters-in-law told me recently that she is hooked to and has purchased so many things via Pinterest. She has the app on her phone and she checks it every night before she goes to sleep. And she said she checks out fashion, jewellery, Home décor ideas, Inspirational quotes, and anything she wants really. Google searches, nope, she actually said she doesn’t know when she last searched via google for such stuff…

Powerful or what!  That is a perfect example of a customer saying bluntly that she uses Pinterest as a “Search Engine” and for her Shopping experiences… #micdrop.  

See, unlike facebook where people go to socialise and connect.

Like my Sis in Law, lots of people go to Pinterest in buy mode. They go searching for things to buy, and there are lots of entrepreneurs making a killing via Pinterest. And I am gonna show you how it’s done and help you crush it too.


Pinterest is a platform where you can find more customers and you can sell anything. BUT, there is a right way to operate on there.

Let’s Get Into it:




How to Build Your Business on Pinterest and Create a 5-Figure Income!


Understand that Pinterest looks at 3 main criteria to rank your content.

  • Overall visuals of your account – Description, Interests, and Type of Content you share!
  • Quality of your Boards – How well presented is your virtual filing cabinet – Again optimized, consistency of pinning!
  • The quality of your pins – bat-shit amazing HD images Period! So how do we marry all this to create a delicious traffic sundae?



How To Use Pinterest For Your Business


The Steps you Must take to Build your Business on Pinterest:

Step 1. You want to use your images to touch the senses of your target audience. Make sure the images link to congruent related information/site so they can know more. Have a funnel with an offer to move people through a process using your images from Cold to warm and absolutely to Hot Prospects.

Usually they have no clue who you are and your goal is to move them as fast as you can to warm prospects, i.e. people who know that you exist and your brand. The best way is to present your images and brand as a person/brand of value. And Iam gonna show you how.

The Art of Pinterest Profits - November Promo

Step 2. The next step is to move them from Warm to HOT…i.e. from browser to buyer, so they love your value and happy to buy as well as recommend your product. In order to do this, you have to present you/your brand as that of value rather than a sales pitch!


In a super FREE training this week, I will be sharing in even more detail the process of turning Pinners into Buyers via Pinterest even if you are new to it. If you haven’t yet done so:

>Register for the FREE Training here <<

So, if you haven’t yet done so you wanna set up an account on pinterest. I highly recommend that you create a business account. This is because its best practice and you will be operating under Pinterest T & Cs. You will also attract the right kind of people.

See, you will be found as a brand by other brands looking to work with you. They will consider you professional. Plus, you are able to apply for Rich Pins and get Pinterest insights into how well your Pin images and campaigns are doing as you grow your brand on Pinterest! You will be looked at as someone of credible influence if you build it right.

If you want my full 7 Module training you wanna go on and get it before I take the training down, it will be available until the 28th May! You can pick it up via the resource above. 

Step 3. To be the go-to person you gotta increase your vitality on Pinterest. The best way to do that is to Leverage your actions by using the right tools.

I love to share the tools I use to help you out to build your Pinterest reach. I use the Tailwind App to help schedule my pins, and post my content onto Pinterest on autopilot and also to track my results.

Lots of people think they are going to have to spend hours on Pinterest and I tell you it is not the case. 

What if you could actually attract people looking for your product or service and you don’t have to convince people or chase family? You don’t have to convince them to change their lifestyle, they are actually looking for you.

If you pick up my training and start using Tailwind, you will start to attract these people who have a genuine interest in what you offer. So go on ahead and create your Free account with Tailwind.

Why do I highly Recommend Tailwind?

  • Because of its super-efficient analytics tool that gives you an overview of how your pins are doing.
  • I love its Tribes tool, which when used properly will explode your traffic.
  • You can schedule your pins so you don’t have to carry the donkey. You chose the time when your followers are active. See, you can schedule your pins up to months or weeks in advance. This is a major time saver, great for refreshing your content as well!
  • Tailwind will thus help you grow your following and get much more TRAFFIC Quicker.

The biggest stick or challenge for people is: what do I say to these people that come to me?

And again, I got you covered with my downloadable 14 Conversation starters Resource that I created after I went through the same mountain. I know social media can be a challenge to master for business…yes yes!

The idea is to be genuine when connecting with people and learn if/how your product and/or service can be of help to them.

Get them off Pinterest to somewhere they can learn more about you i.e. your website, Fanpage, Facebook profile etc. And from there where you can hold a conversation like messenger, Skype, Zoom etc.

Don’t be that person who sends people a private message and literally pitch your business to them without holding a legit conversation with them or qualifying that they need your product…People don’t care if yours is a ground floor opportunity, or that its creating gazillion millionaires, has 20 essential vitamins etc.

Show people that you care first, and they too will care about your message #socialmediatips… Click To Tweet

You have to show you care about them first! …It just is plain wrong to pitch and link drop. It also puts a bad rap on our industry…I get so many of these, one just earlier today. From someone I thought better of…Don’t do it. So enough of my rant…

And on to…



Step 4.  Hold a Conversation to Determine need, qualify and book an appointment to expose them to the business. While I used to advise to move the conversation to the phone, I believe with Messenger on Facebook, you can now hold the convo via a messenger call too.

Pinterest doesn’t lend to holding conversations as such, so you have to move the conversation elsewhere to build on that initial interest and be able to “Ask for and unblock The Sale.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Period. Whether that is via your sales funnel and Call to Action, Webinar, Presentation etc. you gotta be able to know when and How to Ask to the sale.  You can hold awesome conversation via Messenger voice notes as well.

It’s essential to lead with value, right from the pin image, the linked content, the conversations you have and the offers you put out.

It’s essential to lead with value, right from the pin image to your offer. #bestpinteresttips Click To Tweet

Leading with value could mean you lead with some Free information. This you present via what our Mentor Tanya Aliza calls your value offer. This is how she has been able to build a super-fast 7 figure income via social media. One of the major reasons we were drawn to her too.

And with that said…


#1. We urge you to take advantage of her offer on the Ultimate Branding Blueprint.

  • Want a blog like ours?
  • You wish to attract at least 5-10 leads per day and more?
  • You want to stand out above your peers and niche? Then you need Tanya’s Ultimate Branding Blueprint, period!

#2. The Art of Pinterest Profits – Get your copy on Amazon and Learn how you too can create success with Pinterest – Get Own Copy

#3. The Jetset Affiliate Academy , does exactly what ut says on the tin. If you are not makng any headway in our business, its time to change that. – Learn more!

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