Social Media Productivity in 13 Proven Tips! #socialmediamarketing

12 Proven Core Tips to Social Media Productivity & Your Ultimate Blueprint to Social Media Organic Blog Traffic! 



Dude does your brand or you really exist on social media?

What…Okay do you find yourself living by your technological set up? Are you challenged by social media?  Come on admit it, your phone is by your bedside, or tablet. You meditate via an app, set your alarm on your phone. Use social media to promote your platform or offers. You use some online tool or app for timing your schedule. Have your to do list on google calendar etc. Question is do all these lead to social media productivity?

In this post, we share social media productivity tips and tools that’ll help you automate your online marketing and save you precious hours. We learnt some of these tips from various awesome marketers. Others we have done extensive reserach and applied way more than 4 Steps of social media marketing  which by the way are:

  • Discovering,
  • Creating,
  • Monitoring and scheduling,
  • Analyzing

By the end of this post you will be able to do the above to leverage your tools for social media productivity effectively for your desired results!

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We do use Linklove, Onlywire, Hootsuite, Facebook posters, networked blogs and IFTTT etc. And we’ve have found that none of these can beat having other people sharing your content, be it a social media update or a blog post! We love retweets, FB shares, Repins, Instashares, etc. WHY? Because it means we don’t have to do all the heavy lifting! And it also is a highly effective way to social media productivity. By the way if you don’t yet use IFTTT to super charge your social media productivity strategy, you should read our post on the If This Then That tool you will thank us later! J Talking about strategies…

If you haven’t read our post on a Social Media Strategy that works read it here now!

We all need to leverage social media for optimum results and we are on a mission to help you do exactly that this year!

We all need to leverage social media for optimum results! Click To Tweet

What with all the social media changes and leaning towards monetization its essential to have more people share your content on social media as fast as possible and for as long as possible!  If you don’t yet belong to a dynamic syndication group or tribe, its time you did. We are part of Tribepro which you can join here and which is highly recommended by Ray Higdon our Mentor and a Super 7 figure earner Blogger. You could search for and find your niche groups on Facebook. Stop what you are doing and do so Now!  See if you don’t have like minded people sharing your content and you doing the same for them, in the beginning your blogs will sit on your site like billy no mates = Very Low Traffic.

You also will have to rely on your own time management to navigate the insurmountable torrent of information that passes over your screen and mobile devices each day while promoting your content. Wondering what to do with you! So you need to have some resources at your beck and call to automate some of your processes and be very strict with your time!

So how do you do it? How do you get your social media productivity up there & stay on top of your content promotion while balancing being SOCIAL?

Many neo-entrepreneurs have learnt the hard way that social media has slowly but surely moved from a social or friend-connection tool, to definitely a business tool. Our son was joking recently that do you ever have a coffee with your Facebook friends or followers…Huh!  So looking at social media as a business tool means we have to focus on some social media productivity tips too right!


Well today we want to share some of the tools and steps we follow for Social Media Productivity:

1)  This is something I do for social media productivity…and don’t you mix it up with multi-tasking. I don’t subscribe to that for a Home based entrepreneur! I set my internet browser (Chrome, lot more stable than Firefox lately) to open multiple homepages. My favourite SM sites are; LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and G+. These do open simultaneously, which allows me to skim through each site. 15 mins tops each!  The other sites I skim through are Quicksprout,, Hubspot, inbound, TechCrunch, SocialMediaExaminer,,,, & LiverpoolEcho. I skim through each super-fast (speed read), then open articles that interest me to read. You will never run out of content. You will know whats trending. Changes in the Industry and definitely you want to know whats up in your locality!


You can streamline your social media content and stream using #Buzzsumo Click To Tweet

2) In line with the above, you can streamline your social media content and stream using Buzzsumo, which every marketer esp. if you have an income coming in should be using. We do understand cost implications so we encourage you to try it first. Buzzsumo is great for content curation and research too. You simply put in the website URL to find its top performing blog posts or articles see image below! And you can sort your results by Social Media Platform. Try it Free then decide if its worth going pro. Learn how to leverage it in this monster Neil Patel post on Social media tools.

Social Media Productivity Resource - #BuzzSumo! #SocialmediaTips



3) Tweet Deck still works for your social media tools, not many marketers in our circles are leveraging this to improve their social media productivity. And until recently we were using Tweet Jukebox. You simply can download the Chrome extension of Tweet Deck or sign in via your PC. Why do we recommend this as one of your social media productivity tools? Because you can monitor multiple twitter timelines in one easy interface. Of course you can schedule tweets, to free your time, keep up with updates, create columns for keywords of interest etc. We have different columns for: entrepreneurship, social media, Home based business, we have a constant stream of articles over our 3 Twitter timelines! We love it because we can schedule & send tweets right from twitter deck. We can safely say that Tweet Jukebox is a lot faster with this action!

Social Media Productivity via Twitter Deck! #twittermarketing #motivationalMonday


With Tweet deck I can monitor who is re-tweeting our content and engage with them, thank, respond, favorite the tweet etc. All without breaking a sweat. That refreshes your tweet in both your feed and their feed! 


4)            Now one of the most useful sites that we have Real people sharing our content is Viral Content Buzz To learn how it works simply visit the site, register for free and start sharing and getting yours shared too. It has no obligation how many posts you can share and you can be as choosy as you like. Plus you get to have your awesome content shared by others and of course traffic baby!



5)          How many email subscriptions have you accumulated via social media sponsored posts? As you scrolled down the Facebook or Twitter newsfeed you find some info you could be useful, you subscribe and even bookmark the page…and forget all about it. You then receive a ton of emails that you never open. We shared 37 useful website tools recently and one of then was; you want to use it to…Delete all them email subscriptions that you haven’t opened since you subscribed. It makes business sense…and it’s the best to clean house while the year is young! Your email space is not infinite so and can we assume you are already overwhelmed by the daily emails from so many different sources. Instead, subscribe to Smartbrief on Social Media for the top social media articles each day. It’s a smart move for better social media productivity at work too!  Neil Patel Recommends the Follow me tool in his content promotion tools post!

6) Let’s talk about a little known TIME SAVING tool for social media productivity called Socialmention. This is a social media search engine. And we use it to search for images, videos, blogs, microblogs, and we monitor our websites, products, and our competitors in one space. It gives us analytics of what keywords were used by people to find our content and these are very insightful.

social mention a Social Media Productivity Analyzer! #socialmention


In the left sidebar, you can see – the sentiment, top keywords, top users, top hashtags and your last mention. Here are social mention analysis of Julie Syl Kalungi and Ann Smarty!

Social mention analytics #socialmediaproductivity

Alternatively you can use Icerocket just like social mention for social media mentions of your brand or blog!



7)  Lots of bloggers and content creators struggle with your social media keywords aka hashtags. And while its not a social media productivity tool It sure is an awesome FREE content proposition tool. And quite fun to use. Try it and you will see why We say it’s Fun! We have lots of fun with Keyword Research. We highly recommend you try this less known but very effective tool called This tool gives you a number of Qns you can use as headlines in your social shares or even blog posts, Propositions for your post and finally a list of the results that we normally use as Tags. Social tags, hashtags on social media which helps our social media productivity as our content gets found faster. It’s awesome.

#answerthepublic - a fun Social Media productivity tool!


8) You Must Prioritize: Some sources you want and need to hear from throughout the day, whereas for others once a day is enough. Things like breaking news, new releases, new trending topics, etc, are temporal and are “need to know now,” where as more in-depth analysis, commentary, entertaining and personal can be a once or twice a day thing. The hardest part is disciplining yourself to only look at the segments you should – however I find that by checking my top lists every hour or so, I feel sufficiently “plugged in” to satisfy my appetite for information while not taking too much time to do it. While if I try to go cold turkey and abstain completely – then I just get frustrated! A little moderation is easier.


Some sources you want and need to hear from throughout the day, whereas for others once a day is… Click To Tweet


9) Are you segmenting? We started by challenging your social media & online presence…Because there are so many sources & you find yourself wondering what to deal with first, watch, listen, respond to, follow up with and most importantly what to ignore! Some would advise you to follow less blogs or people, block out some of those sources – hmmm does cutting your nose off to spite your face ring a bell? See you are looking to have more people follow you and your blog so don’t defeat your own purpose! 

Here is what to do: segmenting: sort your response NOT REACTION, by your level of interest and topic relevance. This is social media productivity on speed bro! You know that Google, Twitter, Facebook, they all have facilities to create groups or sub-lists of people or sources. Facebook allows you to “See First” 30 people or pages you wish to see updates from daily! These features helps you sort out the people you don’t need to hear from daily! Don’t get us wrong, but that old school friend who you accepted to be nice and have nothing in common no more…Add them and similar people to a common list or group. You can even remove them from your newsfeed and set that Group privacy settings so they can only see limited information about you – this is particularly good if you don’t want your Mentors or business partners seeing those drunken photos of you in University! Twitter Deck mentioned above has made sifting thru our various twitter lists & accounts a breeze!



10) Schedule your social media updates esp. your blog publishing and social shares in your own WordPress back office (For WordPress users) and for this we recommend a wonderful plugin CoSchedule, which we mentioned in our blog post on how to create infinite blog posts you can read it here. This tool is used by all social media marketing pros and you wish to be that go to person in your niche…right! It integrates with the usual social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and G+. CoSchedule helps you keep track of your most engaging and shared content. One of the ways we knew which of our categories was most welcomed by our audience 2015. You of course could use Hootsuite, Networked blogs, SoEngaging, Massplanner and a whole plethora of other tools to schedule your blog and other social shares thus freeing you to do more of what you love to do!



11) Follow Your Niche Influencers: Find those people who have been there done that got the results AND Share the systems, tools and tips thru a variety of sources e.g. blogs. Follow the influencers and you are letting someone else do the work for you. For instance we love learning how to become a social media expert with tips from Jeff Bullas.  The information super highway has become a runaway train. The Info is too vast and can be overwhelming. It definitely can be distracting to those with Lack of Focus! So we advise that you, focus on grabbing the few important bits that float by you o this fast flowing river and you’ll stay informed while still being able to create social media productivity in your day!

In the Home Business and Internet Marketing space We like to follow and keep abreast of news and updates from: Quicksprout, SocialMediaExaminer, Techcrunch, AmyPorterfield, copyblogger,  DigitalMarketer and GrantCardone. These 7 probably account for 80% of the important updates we get. We almost always check them first!

On a Joyful note we are so chuffed to bits to be Mentioned and included in Erik Christian Johnson’s list right at the top of The MLM Blogs to Watch Dominate Network Marketing. Right at the Top of that list!


12) Track your Social Media Productivity: Coming last but definitely not least, use any of the above tools. And keep tracking. It’s the only way you can gauge your results and also know whats working and where to focus more of your energy and bung for or buck! Social Media Analytics can be found via Google analytics – Social as shown in image below:


And keep tracking. It’s the only way you can gauge your results and also know whats working Click To Tweet

Or you can use the more engaging, easier to use, fun Quillengage Absolutely FREE. We love sharing such resources, gives you a taste of what you can get before you try more! With Quillengage you’ll easily see the important changes on your website weekly or monthly. And it is completely free for 1 account or you upgrade for more websites. It also links directly to Google Analytics the links in the report for a deeper look at your blog & social statistics. Qengage also shows you where your traffic is coming from in detail including new and returning visits. You will receive either a weekly or monthly report of your social website analytics directly into the email of your choice! See our one month old, one week luxury travel blog analytics below:


We also track our Facebook Page likes and engagement further beyond the FB Insights. We use Likeanalyzer which we can assure you 83% is a high mark of a Facebook Page engagement currently with FB changes almost on a monthly basis!


This tool shows you similar brand pages that you can compare and learn what they’re doing better and incorporate it in your Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook #LikeAnalyzer is great for social media productivity analysis for FB pages! #facebookmarketing

Track Your Twitter productivity using two tools. One you may already be using BUT NOT LEVERAGING i.e. Click To Tweet as WordPress users we now use the Better Click to Tweet for our blog and you can see the tweets.Great for quotes and usually I don’t go past a Click to tweet in a blog when I find it.

The other with so much information on your twitter productivity you will be surprised you never used it before. It’s a product of Moz and called its Followerwonk it gives you a specific geo-location where your twitter followers are, when they click your tweets and how far they were shared. Let’s just say anyone who uses this tool will increase their site traffic by using the information from their analytics. Try it you will love it!


If you fancy yourself a social media marketer then definitely go check out Social Examiner’s Comprehensive list of tools and tips for social media marketers which will definitely help your social media productivity!

Bonus Tip! We did say 12 tips to social media productivity didn’t we? Well the bonus tip is Get a Virtual assistant to do some of your social media management or blog promotion work. I am dead serious. If you earn 4+ figures/month from your online business then you can spare $12/hr for 3-4 hrs a week for a Virtual assistant to do the seemingly mundane work for you. And guess what, It will free you to do more fun stuff and I am going to handle this very topic in our Post next! Why you should hire a Virtual assistant for better social media productivity! As your business grows so will your need for a VA or a full time local assistant…But We prefer a VA for all kinds of reasons that we will share in a post Next time! So Hang on to your bootstrings and in the meantime leveraging the above tips and tweaking your current strategy will help you optimize your marketing efforts while achieving the seemingly elusive social media productivity! Chose the best social media platforms for your business needs and go crush it…

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So find your social media productivity mojo and go crush it…

For you deserve more

Live. Learn. Love!

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