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We at JWEB Solutions appreciate that you need a cost effective solution for your blog or web design and in some cases ongoing maintenance & updates. As your organisation’s Online ‘store-front’ your web page design should make the best impression possible. We are here to deliver that for you. Plus of course you need your potential customers/clients or new business to be able to find you fast and keep your ‘edge’ over your competition.

With new technologies arriving at an alarming rate, you can rest assured that you have the experts you need on hand through Jules Web design Solutions or our network of professional Partners.

We appreciate that you:

  • Are Super busy building a legacy. 
  • Understand the value of Outsourcing to Professionals and get the work done faster & better.
  • May be a lil technically challenged.
  • Simply wish to get on with more High Value Tasks for your Brand.


That’s where Jules Web Design (JWEB) comes in. We create a Personalized site for busy Entrepreneurs like you, who also appreciate the value of a professionally built Blog Branded to you. LET US DO THE HEAVY LIFTING!  A Truly turn key operation! 


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Let the experts do the work!  

Your Web Design Needs May Include:

  • Website/Blog Design and Set up.
  • Logo and Banner Creation.
  • Targeted SEO Campaign & Social Media Optimization.
  • Branding You so you Make an Impression in the market place,
  • Bespoke enterprise e-commerce system – On Request.
  • Separate trade and retail versions of site – On Request.
  • Ongoing creative and design support – Where Requested (Extra).
  • Expansive advice & inspiration section (On request. Extra Unless its an Inspiration focused site! )
  • Domain – Included in Package unless you have one already!
  • Hosting – 2yrs package Recommended NOT incl! 


Let us take the Weight of your Web Design Technicalities off your shoulders. You deserve the best! 





  1. Complete WordPress Built Website/Blog including Plugins, 5 Pages and Couple of Forms.
  2. Mobile Friendly Optimized Site – Great for Mobile and Handheld users.
  3. Professionally designed and Blog & Social media banner, Header, Logo/Favicon.


Some Plugins are extra depends on client needs/demands! And if you use a different Hosting service that may not be serving your needs, and intend to use your site for e-commerce we recommend you use Hostgator– Use this link for our discount!



What might it Cost you on the Internet…?

We are sure you have done some research, and understand that For all the above web design work you could easily pay over $2.5k off or online.

Yet as work at home entrepreneurs we understand that the costs do add up. So we have endevoured to create a system that allows us to offer the same at prices affordable for you our client!


Limited Time Special $997 

A Saving of over $1500 Today!  

Looking to get started Fast, and want the Best deal JWEB Solutions can offer at a Fraction of the open market price, at industry standards i.e. Best Quality!

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Standard Static Site:

COST: $997.00 USD in advance, OR payable in two Equal Payments of $500.

•    < 5 pages. 
•    Bespoke Design & Build.

Domain & Hosting: $165/Year Via HostGator — Recommended. Unless you have hosting already. You get a Huge over 40% Discount on Above Price if you use our Link! 

Implementation and set up plus first quarter activity details as below under “IMPORTANT DETAILS“. (Unless client needs or demands exceed this time frame.) Details to be agreed with customer/client T &Cs apply. (Factor In PayPal and/or Bank charges Standing at 3.99% Last we checked when you make your Payment!) 


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Standard Basic E-commerce Site – monthly payment terms Available on request: 
COST: $1499.50 USD total payable in advance. Or 3 equal Payments of $510.50 USD/Month over 3 months. Annual contract for maintenance available on request.

•    User to upload product.
•    Unlimited sections & products configurable by user.
•    Integrated with a single payment provider (e.g. Wufoo or Paypal both separate costs.)

Design and build: $1499.50 Including Domain.

Payable as a one off in advance unless by prior arrangement. Implementation and set up plus first quarter activity delivered within 45 days. (factor IN PayPal and/or Bank charges Standing at 3.99% Last we checked!) 


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Want to Know More?


OR VISIT OUR CONTACT PAGE & Leave your best contact details. OR email julie[at]juleskalpauli.com and we will respond within 48 hrs.




IMPORTANT DETAILS:  Jules Web Design Solutions (JWEB) is part of the Juleskalpauli Brand and we take every care to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your Brand new Site/Blog. Once you order a Package you will immediately receive an email that confirms your purchase along with a form that we need you to FILL OUT as Fully as Possible inc. Any Extras, or Special Needs. This will help us build your site YOUR WAY FASTER. Our Team works in Europe and is English Speaking – GMT London or BST  Time. Once you Return the above form to our design team, expect your new WordPress blog to be completed within 4 weeks for Basic Site and 4-6 weeks for an e-commerce Site. (Extent of the design work taken into consideration.) You’ll be able to speak with your designer via phone or Skype if you need to, so you know your project gets the desired attention. 1 Year of Domain Registration is included in the price. We recommend Hosting with Hostgator, but these 2 don’t affect the package price if not needed. It’s our pleasure to be part of the creation of your Premium Online real estate & Brand. Please contact us if you have any questions support[at]juleskalpauli.com