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A home for Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Home Business Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers. Juleskalpauli is a marriage of the joint names Julie Syl and Pauli Kalungi. We are Trainers, Mentors, Consultants for Business Admin, MLMers and home-based business entrepreneurs. Who help you explode your network marketing business with exclusive, often times unique off the beaten track tips and strategies.

We share with you on trend resources, tools tips and tricks via our blog posts so you can progress faster. You could be promoting your offers to create a Solid Residual Income online to a targeted audience.

Julie Syl is a Pinterest Strategist and has written a eBook Resource on how to create and maximize your Pinterest Assets. Together with several videos and articles, we can help you craft a winning strategy for your Pinterest Marketing and Assets. Below are some categories an subjects we have invested in training and share both tips and results:

  • Network Marketing tips & Home business lead generation,
  • Network Marketing Strategies, MLM Secrets and Tools,
  • Prospecting, Closing and Recruiting training,
  • And we help you become a network marketing pro!

We only share products and services that we’ve tried and proven.  Therefore, we can teach you how to promote high ticket products, traffic getting and list building to grow your business! We train you a Home Business entrepreneur to leverage Social Media via various tools we have access to. Plus our own Home grown Signature training program Kal System Pro – Secret Affiliate Roadmap (KaSP)!

Julie Syl and Pauli Kalungi are here to help home business entrepreneurs raise the bar, generate more leads, recruit more Reps, increase sales and become Top distributors in your primary business! Juleskalpauli is your one-stop-shop; we have Business building Secrets & resources to super charge your home/small business or network marketing business.

We carry out professional reviews of network marketing and affiliate products. Last but not least, we love to travel and share our passion for travel via our sister Site Pkjulesworld


As always You Deserve More.


Julie and Pauli Kalungi also known as juleskalpauli. 🙂

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